this is me

Happily married with 3 kids (20, 8 & 6), 2 cats (Skyla & Luna), and 2 furry dogs (Jelly Bean & Banner). My family keeps me laughing (and crying), they are my world.

I like to dabble in geekery. I like most things nerdy and oppose the mainstream. Whether it is super heroes, space ships, silly internet memes or steamy vampires, that’s where you will find me. My favorite geek is Wil Wheaton. My favorite geek cult shows are Firefly, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I am a self proclaimed Browncoat and a true Buffy fan. I love all things Joss.

I also have strong views regarding attachment parenting, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, family bed, and natural living. These are my passions, I will not compromise. My kids are growing up and many of those things aren’t relevant any more, but they are still important to the foundation of how I am raising my family.

After my family, my next love is knitting. When I’m not mommy-ing or fiddling on the web, I can be found knitting. Whether its from the left side of the sofa, the passenger seat in the car or social knitting nights with friends. It is my creative outlet and key to my sanity. Most of what I knit is for family, and to me its one more way I can express my love for them.

I hope you enjoy my little place on the web.