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obligatory year in review post

2012. You were better than 2011, but you were still kinda meh. My crafting highlight of the year was the “Year of the Rainbow” theme that I actually managed to make last most of the year. I actually still have 1 more work in progress, and still more rainbow ideas. However, littlest K is the one in our family who sets the year’s theme and this year it’s…. drum-roll…..Strawberries!!!!! To be more specific, “Magical Rainbow Strawberries” <-- not real sure how that will work out. I’m game with the Strawberry theme. But more on that later.

And now, here’s my 2012 crafty review:

Many rainbows:

Rainbow nails and Rainbow tutus


and cupcakes

So many other projects as well. I participated in Nerd Wars a few times and I am planning on playing for the next round that starts in February. Go Team Hellmouth! I did more baking and sewing. There was also the new house and some interior decorating (of course the house will always be a WIP). The year brought losing another beloved family member, and also having to give up a dog who changed my world. But it also brought us a new dog, whom we love and has made himself part of the family.

The project I am most proud of is my running. I started running in the summer and with the exception of the past month (it’s been too cold, I’m a wimp), I’ve really kept it up and enjoyed it. I just bought myself a running jacket and hope to get back out there now that the current bout of craziness is past.

Of course there’s the big question to answer, my plans for the upcoming year. There’s always the “eat healthier and get in to better shape”. As I mentioned I am going to play on the Nerd Wars Tournaments again so we know there will be knitting. I hope to maintain this blog a bit more consistently. In my immediate creative future, I have plans to finish the big rainbow blanket I was hoping to finish for 2012 but just didn’t quite make it. I’m very close, about 2/3’s finished and should be done before the end of January. I have started writing a little bit. Short version is, it’s a book for the boy who is turning 8 in February. The longer version will be in a blog post soon. And we hope to do a little home renovations, so hopefully that will include some interior design, which I really kinda like these days.

I am loving that the kids are a bit older and can either participate in crafty things, or occupy themselves while mommy crafts. The boy has done some sewing at school and his sewing teacher even gave him an old sewing machine. He has enjoyed that. He is also learning more complex video games and can dual game with the Hubby. They are really enjoying that. Little K besides being my crafting inspiration is really good at making yo yo’s. We will need to find a project to use up all the yo yo’s she has been making.

Looking back, I guess the year wasn’t quite as meh as I thought. Crafting keeps me sane. That’s the bottom line. Let me make things and I am a happy m0mmacat.

crafty crafty crafty

I’ve spent the last 2 days crafting my booty off. It has been nice to have a little extra time to do so. I have to thank my husband for entertaining the kids yesterday and also to the kids for entertaining themselves today.

So what have I been doing?

I made a nifty cover for my fancypants mixer.
I found the fabric online in colors to match our soon to be new kitchen (hmm, did I just give away something big?) I found the pattern and tutorial here. As usual, I didn’t really follow the instructions. I just kinda used the pattern piece and winged it (wung it?) I don’t have much experience with piping, but I managed to make it look ok after a few tries. Technically the cover is reversible, but the inside fabric isn’t nearly as cool as the outside. I didn’t order enough because of the one way nature of the print. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. I have a teeny bit of the retro fabric left and a bunch of the other. I may make a few more accessories to put in my new kitchen (there she goes again giving away the secret). I don’t plan on having anything live on the counters except my Kitchenaid, so I’ll have to figure out how to incorporate the fabric in some way.

more pix:
IMG_3421 IMG_3420

Today, I made some felty cuteness for lil K. Who am I kidding? For me too. (and maybe a friend or few, cough *LaLa-Caitlin-Chloe* cough)
I got the ideas from my felt pinboard. The rose ones I actually did follow the directions on the tutorial here. They were fun to do and the tutorial was very easy to follow. I also made a couple headbands see the flower one pictured above and this rainbow one (yay! #rainbowlove) that Lil K has been wearing since the second I finished it.
To make the rainbow headband I just took a headband we had (one of the flexible type ones that don’t snap as easy as the regular plastic ones). I turned under one end of rainbow ribbon and measured the length of the headband folding it to go the length of both sides, then sewed the edges of the ribbon on the machine around the headband, turning under the other end of the ribbon so I didn’t have any fraying edges. <-- see this is why I don't do tutorials. My favorite of the clips is this one. It took a lot longer to make (hence why there's only one of them, Lil K and I will have to share it). Rainbows all the way, baby! IMG_3432
Lil K had a lot of fun modeling the clips, but didn’t care too much about helping make them.
IMG_3430 IMG_3434

I hope she will get lots of wear out of these cute accessories.

The last project I have been working on is not finished. It is an Ikea hack of sorts and I will post more about it when its completely done. Here’s a little teaser picture:

What are you all doing and making this week?


Back in January, I set out to make this the year of the rainbow. My littlest came up with the idea, and I went with it. I eluded to a cutesy rainbow backpack for Little K here and here. It’s finished!


After I finished knitting and seaming it together, I tossed it in the washer and dryer for 2 cycles with hot water to get it nice and felty. I found the cute almost anime-looking button at JoAnn’s Fabrics. Under the button is an magnetic snap closure. I used webbing and plastic buckles for the back straps and grommets to cinch it up. They are “ok” looking, but I believe they will be more durable then something fancier. It’s thick and soft and hopefully just the right size for a 4 year old’s treasures.


I really like how it came out and can’t wait for Little K to get home from school so I can show it to her.

Rainbow round-up

I was hoping to post a completed rainbow backpack picture this week, but I am still not finished. I just haven’t been in the knitting mood (strange, I know). I have had my mind and creative thoughts occupied else where this past week. <--- not trying to be cryptic, I'll post about the big news when the time is right.* I made some fabric bowls this weekend. It was a really easy project. I got the idea from Middle K's teacher. They were making them in his sewing studio class. DSCF1806
of course I made mine with a rainbow color scheme. Little K was wearing it as a hat and then walked around the house putting little things in it. Big K made me stop the second one at green and then claimed it for her future dorm room.
I also made a non rainbow one as a gift for someone.

On Friday, Big K was feeling a bit down. She was having a hard day and was thinking about my mom’s passing away. She and her Gigi were very close. It made her sad, and her being sad made me sad. My mom loved shopping. Shopping fixed everything. The three of us always had so much fun shopping together. So, Friday when we were both feeling down and missing Gigi, we did what made us feel closest to her. We shopped. We had dinner, just the 2 of us and then headed to the mall. It was nice to touch base with my busy teenager. We were talked and giggled and without spending too much money, we found a few things to bring home.

I saw these awesome sneakers at the mall. I was so tempted to buy them, I’m really not a sneaker person though. The kid ones also looked cool, but Lil K wasn’t with us to try them on. Maybe if they are still there next time we go, I’ll get them.
IMAG0784 IMAG0785
Rainbow & sparkles MIGHT just get me to wear sneakers.

While we were at the maul (ergh, I mean, mall) I picked up some new nail polish and spent the rest of Friday night doing what girls do best, painting nails. Even little K is all decked out in rainbow polish. It was actually her idea for me to get rainbow polish in the first place. Big K and I were thinking wouldn’t it be cool if they made nail polish like that car paint that shines like a prism in the sun.

Please let me know what you’ve seen or made with rainbows. I’m going to have a hard time making this rainbow thing last a whole year!

*no, I’m not ever having another baby