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My last baby had her first day of kindergarten today. Whoa. I feel like I’m on a roller coaster that WILL.NOT.SLOW.DOWN. Just yesterday, I was begging for school to end and now summer is over. Hell, just last month she was taking her first steps.
Does time go exponentially faster with the third/last child? I didn’t even get around to sewing her a mommy made outfit for the first day. She’s not nearly as upset about it as I am. She picked out this outfit at Old Navy and I think total it cost $12, (including the socks, which were a 3-pack).

I hope that once my hobby room is complete, I’ll spend my weekly day off in there sewing for her and the boy. I had also planned on making one of those adult sized t-shirts that say “Class of 2026″, so I could take a picture of her each new school year and see how she grows into it. Go home, Pinterest, you’re drunk!

This school year will be lots of fun and we are all looking forward to it. Her teacher is amazing. As usual, we do everything as a family. Big K will be working at the school in the mornings and afternoons. At least now the little kids will get to see her during their waking hours. Middle K and I start school in the “big kid” building next week. Technically, I start tomorrow, but school won’t be in session for us until Monday.


We stopped at TCBY on the way home. I tried their new Non-Dairy FroYo. It was yummy. Kids had regular. I guess we’ll have to stop again next Monday on Middle K’s first day. I mean, it is only fair after all!

After school we measured everyone against the last day of school measurements. These kids grew a total of 2.375 inches this summer. Lil K grew a full inch and Middle K grew 1.375 inches. It will be interesting to see this school year where they end up on our “chart”

I know these growth charts are a little ghetto looking. But it’s also classic and low maintenance. You are supposed to track kids growth on the kitchen wall. It’s the law…take that, Pinterest.

Just like I was super excited about the summer and all the crafting I planned on doing, I have big aspirations for this school year as well. I hope to find a nice work/school/homework/housework/crafting groove. I never managed to find that last year. I felt like I was skating by, just barely treading water for most of last school year. This year I hope to find some balance.

How do you balance your kids lives with your own?
Let me know in the comments.


I just finished reading this article. Then I kissed and hugged two of my kids, the third one not being home at the moment. Then I sat to reflect on it.

I am NOT like the father referred to in the article in any way. But I’m not Mary Poppins either. Being a parent is HARD. Being a parent while also being an introvert is even harder. I need little reminders like this once in a while. I took away from this post the reminder that kids are not introverts and do not need to “Be Quiet”. Maybe not quite the author’s intention, but that was the message I received. I don’t want my kids to be introverts. I don’t want them to experience the panic of being in a room with what feels like a million people and wanting to run away. Kids are social creatures and they need interaction. They need to talk incessantly and sing songs while sitting on the potty. Even when I need silence and decompression time. They need to talk, sing, babble and generally make noise for the 12-13 hours a day that they are awake. I hope they never lose that ability. I hope my littlest will sing like no one is listening all of her life. I hope my middle one will continue to come to me and tell me detailed stories about the particular Lego ship he just built and it’s pilot. I hope people will continue to give him the time he needs to get his words out and say what he’s thinking. I hope to always hear from other adults how well spoken my teenager is.

This summer has been difficult for me in that same aspect. I haven’t had much decompression time. It has been better than past summers though. My little ones are getting bigger and able to entertain themselves for longer periods of time in between mom-centered activities. After a long school year, working more hours away from home then I have in a long time, this summer’s rest is much needed. I am enjoying being home. I am enjoying having the kids home. I was reminded of this when they spent time at their grandmother’s house and a few days at day camp.

As they get more independent I need to remember that they still need me to talk to them and interact with them. Just because they are entertained, they still deserve to be acknowledged. They argue. They beat each other up. They say mean things. But, they also play and make up elaborate stories that can go on for hours. They love each other and me. They sometimes get caught helping each other. They do mess up. I mess up. I yell, more than I would like. I just hope that my yelling doesn’t “break” them. I’ll never have all of the parenting figured out. I do know and try, try, try to remember daily, that they are not small grown-ups. They are self-centered little humans. It is my job to help them see the rest of the world and realize they aren’t the center. It is also my job to allow them to be confident in their own skin.

Like I said, parenting is hard.

Days like this…

Yesterday was a bad sewing day. I know there are days like that and I’m not throwing in the towel. It takes more than that to get this girl to back down. I was trying new things, damn you Pinterest. “Make a little girl dress out of a man’s shirt”, they said. “Go to the thrift shop and pop some tags,” they tell me. Up-cycle, schmoopcycle. I’m all for being green and recycling and all that. But I’ll do it in another way. I spent an entire day “re”making a dress and a shirt for my son from two $3 shirts. Really, why the heck did I even bother tearing apart a shirt to try to make almost the same one only smaller for my son. In actuality, I was planning on remaking a shirt for myself with the second shirt, but the poor boy hasn’t gotten much in the “homemade by mommy” department these past few weeks. I asked him what he wanted me to make. He said a shirt. For the dress, I know how that could have gone better. It’s called a pattern. I should have used one. There was just no way to make her dress not look like a man’s shirt. Duh, it came from a man’s shirt.

So here are yesterday’s sewing flops. Of course the children still love them. Go figure.
Little K in her up-cycle shirt-dress

Middle K in his sleeveless buttondown. I seriously just gave up and hemmed the armholes into sleeveless. He said he likes it that way. I’ll just start from scratch in my sewing from now on.

I did however have one success. I made myself a skirt using a skirt I already had and love as a pattern. The best part, it was sewn using fabric I already had in my stash from like 5 years ago. There, I was being green, using what I had. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture to share, because well, I’m too lazy to go find the tripod.

My next mission is to make stuff for the boy. I spent too many hours awake last night because my brain would not shut up thinking about what I can sew for him. There are so many girly patterns and zero good boy ones. I know there has to be something I can make for him that is cool, not too cutesy and with-in my abilities. By golly I will come up with something.

Win some. Lose some.

Edited to add picture of aforementioned skirt:
I really love this skirt. It was fun and twirly to wear to my weekly social knitting outing. I will be making more similar in the very near future.