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Days like this…

Yesterday was a bad sewing day. I know there are days like that and I’m not throwing in the towel. It takes more than that to get this girl to back down. I was trying new things, damn you Pinterest. “Make a little girl dress out of a man’s shirt”, they said. “Go to the thrift shop and pop some tags,” they tell me. Up-cycle, schmoopcycle. I’m all for being green and recycling and all that. But I’ll do it in another way. I spent an entire day “re”making a dress and a shirt for my son from two $3 shirts. Really, why the heck did I even bother tearing apart a shirt to try to make almost the same one only smaller for my son. In actuality, I was planning on remaking a shirt for myself with the second shirt, but the poor boy hasn’t gotten much in the “homemade by mommy” department these past few weeks. I asked him what he wanted me to make. He said a shirt. For the dress, I know how that could have gone better. It’s called a pattern. I should have used one. There was just no way to make her dress not look like a man’s shirt. Duh, it came from a man’s shirt.

So here are yesterday’s sewing flops. Of course the children still love them. Go figure.
Little K in her up-cycle shirt-dress

Middle K in his sleeveless buttondown. I seriously just gave up and hemmed the armholes into sleeveless. He said he likes it that way. I’ll just start from scratch in my sewing from now on.

I did however have one success. I made myself a skirt using a skirt I already had and love as a pattern. The best part, it was sewn using fabric I already had in my stash from like 5 years ago. There, I was being green, using what I had. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture to share, because well, I’m too lazy to go find the tripod.

My next mission is to make stuff for the boy. I spent too many hours awake last night because my brain would not shut up thinking about what I can sew for him. There are so many girly patterns and zero good boy ones. I know there has to be something I can make for him that is cool, not too cutesy and with-in my abilities. By golly I will come up with something.

Win some. Lose some.

Edited to add picture of aforementioned skirt:
I really love this skirt. It was fun and twirly to wear to my weekly social knitting outing. I will be making more similar in the very near future.

sewing, smoothies, & silk

I have to admit, at first I was like, but if the Grandma takes BOTH kids at once, I’ll have a blast. They have been fighting and generally pissing each other off these last few weeks, since summer started. They clearly need a break from each other. I couldn’t do that to dear sweet Grams. Plus, it will be more special for each kid who will be getting one on one attention all week.

This week the little K is away and the middle K is home with me. She’s having girly fun time with grandma and her two girl cousins. It’ll be pillow fights and pedicures all week. Really, I’m just hoping those two little fishes we call cousins will teach her how to swim.

Meanwhile back at casa Bush, we give you the letter “S”. Mondays are sewing days. I asked Middle K what he wanted to make and he decided he wanted to design his own “ugly doll”. Without having another kid to entertain at the same time, I was able to take the time and let him do more of the work. He first drew out his design and then I “fixed” it so it would be sewable. In other words, drew it with a seam allowance. He cut it out and picked out the fleece he wanted to use.

One side is puppy paws print the other green with camo “spots”. Whatever floats your boat. Once he finished designing it and sewing it together, he stuffed it:

and stuffed himself:

Just call him Super K

I present you, “G.L.” <--- no idea what that stands for.

I intended to make some pj’s shorts for myself and the kids today as well, but it didn’t happen. There is always next sewing Monday.
We finished our sewing project just in time for reading, G.L. kept Middle K company while he read is summer reading book.

After reading, it was time for an afternoon pick me up….Smoothies it is. And without that picky Little K here, we could put all the raspberries (tentacles and all) and blueberries we wanted in it.

Then Middle K helped me try out a new dessert recipe: Raspberry Tofu Pie. It’s made with silken tofu and if what I tasted on the spoon is any indication, it’s a good thing I have also declared this week salad eating week. I can feel ok about having a bigger slice tonight, since I’ve watched my calories the rest of the day. Actually, its really not a high calorie dessert. We will let you know how yummy or not yummy it is later.

So there you have our mom and son day brought to you by the letter “S”, sewing, smoothies, salad and silk.

Planetary Voyage

Field trip Friday. Woohoo. Today we took a trip in to outer space and visited all the planets. We also ran around at the space station, stopped off for refreshments AND made it home by lunch time. I don’t mess around on field trips.

Our mini vacation began at the sun. We learned the the sun is 109 times as big as the Earth.

The planet closest to the sun is Mercury.

Before we got to Venus, we hitched a ride on Halley’s Comet.

Venus is the veiled planet

When I asked the 8 y/o boy to tell me one thing he learned from planet Venus, his response was, “It rhymes with penis”. Glad we got that straight.

We landed on Earth, the 3rd rock from the sun.

Right next door was Mars, the red planet:

We were beginning to feel it getting a little cooler as we made the longer trek from Mars to Jupiter, moving further away from the sun.

Somewhere between Saturn and Uranus, which was a very long ways, we picked up a few alien hitchhikers.

They said their space ship broke down in the asteroid belt and wondered if we could give them a lift to Neptune. Being the friendly space explorers that we are, we gladly carried them along with us. We found more and more of these cute little creatures and at one point it got a little cramped in our craft.

We finally made it to Uranus and we felt a little off kilter. We decided to keep going and began our trek to Neptune. While there we stopped to take a picture of the vegetation on the planet. Our little alien friends said it was the yummiest of all the planets. We took their word for it and moved on.

We were very cold being out so far away from the sun. And by cold I mean it was hot as hates. Our h2o ran out back on the sun. We noticed our gas gauges were running a little low as well. We looked at how far away Pluto was and decided we should turn back now. I mean Pluto isn’t even a planet anyway.

We still had a few alien hitchhikers on our ship and they asked if we would drop them off on that star right over there before we headed back to the sun.

Our trip back to the sun was quick and hot. We found a really awesome trinket near the planet Neptune to bring home with us. Our little alien friends said that it was a very special key, and that we should guard it well. We might need it someday.

We finally made it back to the space station and took a little time to rest and play

Then we went for refreshments

Well? where else would you stop on your planetary trip, but Sonic. Der.

We made it home in time for lunch, however, it seems that the boy contracted some sort of life threatening space disease. He will likely need a brain transfusion, or maybe even a tonguectomy.

Please do not try to visit him, he is in isolation. We will be selling off his Legos in order to pay his medical bills.