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Weekend Sewing

I sewed a few things for the kids this weekend. Last time I was at the fabric store, the kids were with me and of course, being my kids, they wanted fabric. I let them pick out some. Littlest K picked out the fox fabric from this previously blogged about top. Middle K, still in his wolf/dog stage, picked out some cute paw print fabric and requested a pillow case. That’s the deal, if I let them choose the fabric, they have to have something in mind to have made. We can’t have them buying fabric all willy nilly and stuff, that’s how you end up with stash problems. Oh wait.

I mentioned when I made Little K’s Shandiin Tank, that I bought some Star Wars fabric as well. She needed a nerdy but oh so cool top, and I had fallen in love with the one Sew Chibi made.


I think she had fun with our little photo shoot. PROPS! Props make all the difference.
IMG_3936 IMG_3924

I changed the pattern a bit and used a solid bottom with a buttoned top bodice. I actually used the back piece, but didn’t do the cut out part. I did not want to do all those button holes again. I really, really like how the two-toned front came out!

And of course, the back. Just as adorable this time as it was the first time I made this pattern. Don’t you just adore little K’s teeny little moley peeking out?

Middle K’s Pillow case. A super easy pattern, I learned from his sewing teacher in first grade.
There are no exposed seams! I’ve assisted in many kids sewing these, but I hadn’t sewn one myself. I really love how it looks so nice, even though a first grader could have sewn it. In class, they appliqued their name on the wide band. I am planning on making a few more of these when we redecorate the kids’ bedrooms in the fall. I might do something fun with the band.
I think he approves.

Finally, I made these little toothbrush cases for our trip to Gram’s trip postponed due to illness.
They will get use, just a week or so later than planned.

I found the pattern on one of my favorite pattern designer/blogger’s website. Noodlehead has the most amazing things. Her patterns are easy to follow. I love her use of fabrics.
IMG_3916 IMG_3915

I still have so many things on my summer sewing list! Good thing it’s only week two.

Summer: Week the first

Summer “break” is well under way in our house. We have a good routine going. Yes, I know its summer, but routine doesn’t mean strict, or boring. It just means we aren’t loafing about. The kids are enjoying their summer schoolwork. Yes, you read that correctly. Littlest K thrives on “work”. Middle K is basking in the “easiness” of his work. Little does he know, it’s work that was “too hard” for him just a few months ago. This school work review is just what his confidence needs.

With work, there is also play. We’ve exercised. We’ve built forts. We’ve water played. And we’ve cooked. We’ve read. We’ve movied.

And amid all that, I have had a little sewing time as well. Thank you afternoon screen time.

I finished a large “sekrit” project I had taken on right before school let out.

I finished a custom order. A sweet jewelry roll. Do you think its something that would look nice in my Etsy shop?

And then a little sewing development. I’ve been trying to master my use of binding so I have tried few projects recently that have binding. I really like how this cute little organizer cube came out. And of course, Zombies. Because, Zombies.
It took forever to make. Lots of hand sewing on the binding. But I do love the look I’m so glad I didn’t wimp out and machine sew it. It would not have looked quite as neat and tidy.

Tomorrow, I have a me project planned. I like the sound of that. I might just declare Fridays as sewing for me days. Here is a sneak peek:

I think I’d like to dabble in tutorials on my little blog. I actually do have a pattern that I’ve designed all on my own and think it’d make a nice little tutorial. What do you think?

How is your summer going? Are you basking in the sun, or crafting up a storm?

Summer’s almost here… Shandiin Tank for Lil K

I may be able to dust off this ‘ole blog soon. Summer is upon us. Lazy days and fun days. It also means less “stuff” to do every day and more Studio time for me.

I have a ton of projects planned, and hope to get at least half of them done among the kids needs this summer. I had a little time today on this low key long weekend. I have a large sewing order in the works for Tuesday Tutus & Totes but I was able to whip up a cute summer top for Littlest K in between.

I found this SHANDIIN Tank & Tunic pattern through Sew Chibi, but it’s designed by EmmyLouBeeDoo. The Star Wars fabric that Sew Chibi made hers in is what caught my eye. I purchased some Star Wars fabric today along with the cute fox fabric. Little K was unsure about wearing the Star Wars one to school. I like to make a pattern more than once, to get a good handle on it. So I made up the fox one first and I’ll make the next one this summer for her.


I LOVED this pattern. I can not wait to get started on the next one for her. And I may even make a small one for my friend’s bebe with the left over fox fabric after I get done with my big pending order for the shop. I always seem to over buy fabric, but that’s a good thing.

Little K’s school has a pretty informal dress code, however, one of the rules is that cami top straps must be over one inch in width. For school purposes, she’s got that white tank under. I think the little peek-a-boo cut out is tres adorbs.



She was in my studio with me the whole afternoon while I was sewing her top. She makes a great pin cushion holder and scissors fetcher. Except she sings. Incessantly.


I can’t wait to make her a cute geeky one in the Star Wars fabric. I will be making it with a solid front instead of the buttons. Because buttonholes.


Now back to our regularly scheduled radio silence.



Little K finally lost the other front tooth. I was a bad mommy. I told her I was just going to wiggle it and I kinda sorta may have pulled a little. It didn’t even hurt her. It was really just hanging there. For those of you keeping track that’s tooth number 5 lost in as many months!

So here she is with her toothless grin. And a bonus photo bomb from the eight year old. Almost nine!