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Little K finally lost the other front tooth. I was a bad mommy. I told her I was just going to wiggle it and I kinda sorta may have pulled a little. It didn’t even hurt her. It was really just hanging there. For those of you keeping track that’s tooth number 5 lost in as many months!

So here she is with her toothless grin. And a bonus photo bomb from the eight year old. Almost nine!

Handmade Holiday


I really had a handmade holiday this year. I didn’t intend on doing it that way. It just kinda happened. I’ve actually wanted to do this for years, but either didn’t start early enough or didn’t have the right inspiration. This year it all fell into place. It’s a good thing too, since our savings hasn’t recovered from the Studio build and there wasn’t really much for the store bought gifts.

It started back in August or September. My Mother in Law, asked if I would knit her a hat for her trip to Paris the day after Christmas. She’s never asked for any knitted item in all these years. So I was happy to oblige. Then she said is would be her Christmas gift. That was easy:

Oui, Oui! Très joli chapeau, pour ma belle-mère. I hope she thinks of me every second while she is in Paris!

Next was the teacher gifts. I like to do something that isn’t another “thing to put on their desks”. After a few years of teaching it can just become overwhelming. You can’t get rid of any because if that student comes back and sees it’s gone….oh my. I tend to try to show my kids’ teachers our appreciation by giving them something they can use. In past years it’s been homemade hot cocoa mix, or fancy soaps. This year, I found a great recipe for homemade vanilla extract on Pinterest. I did a trial run this past summer to make sure it would taste ok. It came out wonderful. I don’t think I’ll buy store bought vanilla again. This one has such a true vanilla flavor, the store stuff now tastes so artificial. Here are the bottles all lined up and ready to go:
I had the kids make the labels:

Wallet for Hubby’s Aunt. It’s the pattern I use in my shop. I fell in love with this fabric. I think I need something in it for me. It’s not even my usual color or motif, but it just calls to me.
Purse for Hubby’s grandmother. I took my backpack tote pattern and altered it a bit to make it shallower. She’s 90-something and doesn’t need a deep purse. I love the colors in this one also (but that’s my usual color combination, so no surprise there)

Little foxes for my nieces and Big K’s boyfriend’s little brother. These were fun to make. I actually planned on making more of them, but time. I wanted to make one for my little kids as well, and a few more little outfits for them. I hope the recipients love them as much as I do.


I sewed a theatre wrap for my boss. She often goes to concerts and theatre. It’s just enough to cover the shoulders in the friggid air conditioning.

Hat that was supposed to be a Christmas gift *last* year. For a fellow teacher at school and friend. He’s always complaining how itchy beanies get…So far he’s been happy with this one. I hope it stays not itchy!

Hanukkah gift for our friend who owns the book pub where my knitting night is held. I love how two of the same yarns can look so different on different bases and just a teeny different stitch.

And finally, the infamous matching PJ’s for the K’s:

I hope everyone had a great holiday. Looking forward to 2014 and more crafty goodness. Stay tuned for my Knitting challenge post: 12 in ’14!

Just your typical tree trimming afternoon

Except one kid had a donut after lunch. Not the one you are thinking.

3pm and still in PJ’s….heck yeah!

My first ornament.

This one I made when I was 6 or 7. I tried for years to get rid of it when mom was alive, because…creepy clown. She insisted on putting on the tree. Now, it will remain on my tree forever.

That donut will not stop.

It’s all fun and games until someone’s tube breaks.

I help, momma?

JellyBean *may* have gotten some donut too.

sugar. sugar. sugar.

“Sit in front of the tree,” I say. “Smile pretty,” I say.

And then this happened

89 pictures later…..

Happy Holidays from the Bushes!

And Banner Boy Dog

Thanks to LaLa for the coolio filter. Fun stuff!


Let’s see if I can post in my little blog every day this week! I have the week off, it should be doable. I really want to gather more traffic here. I hope my sewing and crafting will inspire others. Inspire them for what? Well, that’s up to you, dear reader.

Today was a sewing adventure to say the least. I didn’t want to spend too much time in my studio. The kids are on break with me and I didn’t want to ignore them all day. We had a leisurely morning. Littlest K has declared any day she can possibly get away with it as PJ day. Middle K followed suit, in his cosy flannel bottoms I made him this weekend (that I still haven’t been able to capture a picture of him in). He’s all too willing to photobomb, but when it’s for real, forget it.

Someday I will post a shot of his jammies. Even if I have to take it in the dark while he’s sleeping.

Meanwhile, I finished the purse I was making for the Hubby’s grandmother. That’s four, count ‘em four holiday gifts handmade.
Here is a sneak picture of it. I made it not only as a gift, but as a sample for a tote bag to add to my little Etsy shop. It took a lot longer than anticipated. And of course, I made a big booboo:

I contacted the company and hopefully they will send me a replacement label. The labels are crucial if I want to use their pattern for something I sell. Luckily I had an extra.

Then we finally got out of the house. Went to buy stamps. The boy got to try out the “stamp vending machine” and though it was the coolest thing. Then we went to our locally owned office supply store and all three of us just wandered around in complete awe for about 1/2 an hour. Yep, they are just as enamored with office supplies as I am. Good kids. They left with sketch pads, HB pencils, and soft erasers.

Then we decided to ruin supper…

…and walk around downtown a little bit. The weather started to get really windy and chilly, so we headed home. We may go back tomorrow to get cupcakes!