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Welcome to Hogwarts Homeschool of Witchcraft & Wizardry

Today is Harry Potter’s birthday. In this family, we are all big Harry Potter fans. So, it stands to reason that we would celebrate the day. And celebrate we did! (Warning: Photo heavy post!)

First, the kids woke up to find their Hogwarts acceptance letters.
Messy desks and all, I’m surprised they could find the letters. Along with their letters that arrived via owl, they received a class schedule and all the materials they needed for the day:
Nimbus 2000’s for Quidditch
House shirts & ties (Florida Chapter – aka, lighter than the jackets and robes, because HELLO, it’s eleventy million degrees out there)
Feather dusters for cleaning the dormitories (yes, we still maintained our usual schedule of classwork and chores, but it was totally more fun)
Wands (they actually already had them, I had to search their dark rooms after they went to bed to find them)
Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, ya know, for sustenance.

First on the schedule was Breakfast in the Great Hall, aka our dining room. But hey, that table my husband made for in there is big enough to be a Harry Potter table – see Table of Love post. Then, they had to clean their dorms. On Fridays we dust our rooms, so in keeping with our regular routine, I bought them feather dusters to use because they are so much more fun than dust rags. After that, we had to take Fluffy (aka BannerBoyDog) to the vet for his bath. I had thought about having the girls at the vet attach two more heads to him so when we picked him up he’d really BE Fluffy. But I just couldn’t figure out the logistics of this. I know the girls there would have totally gone for it. They are really great over there.

THEN….The real fun began. The Sorcerer’s Stone has gone missing! It was up to the Hogwarts students to help find it. But where do they start?
Here is the first clue:

A pile of words
Jacket of hordes
Take a quick look
In the place of the book

(I found this rhyme online somewhere)

This led them to the bookshelf where the next clue and their ciphers were located within the Sorcerer’s Stone book. Which led to another clue and so on.

One clue that my bestie, Lala thought up for us was:

I might be big, I might be scary…
There’s no doubt I’m very hairy.
In the story, I have three heads, but in reality
I just like to get fed.
Your clues haven’t yet led you to the end.
First you must find man’s best friend.

I thought that was so cute. She’s a talented one! The next clue was hidden on the puppy’s collar. It was supposed to be on Fluffy’s (aka, Banner’s) collar, but he was at the spa and unavailable. Good thing we had a back up dog to continue the search.

If you are interested in all the clues that we had, comment below and I can share the google doc with you.
Figuring out the clues.


What was lost, is now found! Great detective work by both of them. Little K was the one who actually found the stone.

After finding the stone, it was time for Quidditch practice.
IMG_4829 IMG_4826

The game was a 50/50 tie and they both got edible golden snitches as their prize.
IMG_4830 IMG_4832

Bubble, Bubble toil and trouble! Time for Potions class! Today we learned how to make wizard slime. Perfect for healing those festering boils, or just keeping young wizards occupied for a while.

But then, those little wizards left me this….

So I sent them to Defense Against the Mathematical Arts class, so I could clean up.
IMG_4844 IMG_4846
I found some Harry Potter themed word problems online and just printed them out. I have no idea how anyone planned a party, or basically did anything before Google and Pinterest.

After lunch of treacle tarts (really just inside out pizza), Wizard wands (hot dogs in a blanket), Butterbeer and a movie, it was time for a Wizard’s duel…

…and other such nonsense.


They said they enjoyed the day. I think I even heard Little K say at one point this was the “best day ever!”

No birthday celebration would be complete without cake. Just like Hagrid made:
Yes, I know Hagrid’s was round, but I didn’t have enough frosting for two layers, and I kinda wore myself out with all the other stuff.

Thanks for taking a look at our Harry Potter Birthday celebration! How did you celebrate this day?

Lego Room to Homeschool Room Makeover

It’s been a million years since I’ve blogged about anything. I’m hopping to change that, starting now! I’m going to put the cart before the horse here and spoil my announcement, by posting about our latest room makeover. The title says it all. We have decided to give homeschooling a try for this up-coming school year (2015-2016). That’s a whole different blog post. But for now, we needed a space to homeschool. We had to get a little creative since we didn’t have a spare room lying around, and we actually use our dining room six out of seven nights for dining.

Because I’ve been such a blog slacker, I don’t even have a post to refer to from our previous makeover of this room. It is supposed to be a breakfast room, to the best of my knowledge. It was really a selling point for the house (well, that and the workshop for Hubby). It’s located right off the kitchen and my studio. It was the perfect place for a playroom (read: LEGO room). I can keep an eye on those kids while I’m in the kitchen, or in my studio.

For Christmas break 2014, we painted and remodeled the playroom a bit. We like to work our arses off on breaks like that, because….Weekend Warriors, FTW! So needless to say Hubby was not too pleased when I said I was going to remodel it yet again a mere six months later. I needed to make it dual purpose for Lego/playing and homeschool. However, it did get that last bit of shelving we never completed last Christmas finished in the process. I’ll call that a win!

So a bit of back pictures, since I never did blog about it:
This was what it looked like when we moved in. Ugly paneling. Unfortunately the paneling was hiding some pretty awful walls, so we opted to keep it (for now) and paint the paneling.

And here is a “finished” shot of the room on Christmas eve. We still needed to hang shelves for the rest of the legos, but that needed to wait. I apologize for the crappy cell phone picture.

Fast forward to last week. Here is our new Lego-slash-Homeschool room:

Sorry about the pixelated puppies, lol. This was my first ever panaorama picture.

We moved the desks closer to the window for more natural light, plus added another table for more work space. The kids chose to paint one wall orange. We learned that the color orange stimulates the brain and stuff. They thought that was a great choice for their homeschool room. Plus, Middle K really likes orange. 😉 I think it was just what the room needed. I didn’t liked the paint when we finished back in December, but really didn’t know why. The orange adds a little funk and also some warmth. Just what it needed.

We finally got those shelves up to house the rest of the Legos. And, as Hubby pointed out…there’s room for more. Oi vey. I really hope someday they’ll be organized better than just random Legos in every box. And bonus puppy photobomb. Oh Banner, you’re so pretty.

IMG_4759 IMG_4753
Now the kids have a bigger table to work on Legos at, thanks to Hubby making me this table last January. They had really outgrown those smaller tables. It still baffles me the amount of time they actually do spend playing Legos. It’s been this way for YEARS. I could probably give away every other toy they own and they wouldn’t notice.

The Trofast (Ikea) shelves that will house our homeschool curriculum. I’ll have it better organized when our materials arrive. I’m not really sure how much space they’ll take.

I tidied up our “Command Center” on the back of the door. It will have our schedule, important things we need to see, a calendar, and the whole thing can be used as a dry erase board. Right now it has our Summer schedule and Chores list. Also, here is their little tv that they can stream Netflix on, or listen to Pandora. They really don’t need much more than that.
Here is another “Command Center” of sort made with Ikea Vaggis boards. This will be for the kids to display art and I think those bins I attached to the wall will be for finished school work, or something. We’ll see once we start. I’m sure there will be a little re-arranging until we find our groove. The kids came home from their last day of Master Builder Camp today and hung up their Camp pictures and lanyards.

Here is their work space. I love that it’s near the window so they can have natural light. I added some swag lights and task lights on each desk as well. Good lighting is important for little eyes.

Middle K’s area.
A Micke desk and drawer unit from Ikea and the Linnmon table top and Orange Adils legs, are (hopefully) enough work space for a ten year old.

Littlest K’s area.
She also has a Micke desk, but her drawers are Helmer. Both desk chairs are Snille Chairs, and the extra chair is just one that goes to the (now) Lego table.

We made these dry erase boards to keep near their desks to jot notes down. I left them each a little love note when I hung them up this after noon. It’s just a cheap Ikea frame and some scrapbook paper. I’ve seen it a million times on Pinterest.

Just about everything you see in this room that wasn’t built by Hubby, comes from Ikea, or handmedowns. It was not a really expensive transition. We’d been sort of collecting things for this room since we moved in. I’ll include an Ikea list at the end of the post.

I am very happy with all we have been able to do in this small space. We managed to keep the Legos together. We’ll have space for school materials, and even kept the love seat so they can watch tv in their down times. I love Ikea. Their modern color schemes makes it so easy to just throw a room together and have everything match. I’d like to claim I’m an amazing interior designer, but really, I just picked stuff that looked good together.

Ikea product list:
Trofast shelves (ours are the old style that they no longer make)
Trofast (TV unit)
Micke desk (ours are orange)
Micke drawers
Helmer drawers
Vaggis notice boards
Skojig (our is yellow, though. Maybe they don’t carry it anymore?)
Orange Joxtorp light shade
Green Joxtorp light shade
Navy Joxtorp light shade
Hemma light cords (swag lights)
Nyttja frames (little dry erase boards on their desks)
Tjena Magazine files

As far as Lego storage goes, we used one Trofast shelf, Hubby built the cabinet, and the hanging shelves are from Home Depot; Closet Maid Garage shelves with a sheet of plywood for the shelves. Most of the Lego bins are Really Useful Boxes from Office Depot. We collect a few whenever they go on BOGO. I’ll be happy when my eyes can only see the even shaped boxes.

I hoped you enjoyed our little show and tell. I’m going to make a point of posting more. We are very excited about our new endeavor. I think this is going to be a wonderful and organized homeschool year!

PJ’s to Party in!

My sewing studio time did not turn out as I had planned for today. Sometimes though, that is not a bad thing. I began my day with a list of business-y things I needed to finish. Nothing with urgent deadlines (that was last week, oi vey!) so I knew I had a little time to goof off a bit. I ended up with adorable matching pj’s for littlest K and myself!

I started my day by making a prezzie for a friend. I can’t share it with you, since I haven’t given it to her yet. Then I decided to make myself a pair of jammie bottoms. I found some cute fabric I at JoAnn’s yesterday while getting the stuff for the other thing I mentioned.

I was invited to a grown-up pajama party this coming Saturday. I had hosted my own pajama party this past weekend so all my friend’s have seen my other jammie bottoms. Adult pajama parties are all the rage these days. What’s not to love? Show up in pj’s, eat junk food, make fun of silly 80’s movies, and drink cute wine. No pressure to put on make up, or wear uncomfortable clothes. And the best part….you are already ready for bed when you get home (or when everyone leaves, if it’s your house).

I had a great time at my party last weekend:
My bestie and I enjoying girly champagne!

I even allowed the hubby to stay for the party, and let him invite a friend!
I made these pajamas for him a million years ago when we were just married.

So back to today’s sewing project. Mommy and daughter pj’s.
Littlest K came into my studio as I was sewing my pants and saw this fabric. She instantly thought I was making something for her and got so excited. I hated to tell her that they were in fact for me. I lucked out in that I had just enough fabric to squeeze out a pair of shorts for her with the ends of what I had cut mine from. We won’t talk about the fact that the fabric I bought for the adult pajama party I’m going to looks like it should have been for a six year old’s pajamas.

I prefer my pajama pants to be more of a cropped length. I wanted to add a little pizzazz to them so I made cuffs from a coordinating fabric. I would have loved to add something sparkly, but thought that I’d actually want to sleep in these pants too, so opted for just that cuff.

You can barely see it in this picture, but I added little bows to the cuffs of Little K’s pants. That was all her idea, people. As she was trying them on for fit, she said, “Wouldn’t they be so cute with bows at the cuffs?” Who am I to argue? This girl is a fashionista! I wanted to add them to my pants as well, but the ribbon I had did not match the t-shirt I already had to match the fabric. C’est la vie.

And finally, the piece de resistance, I appliqued the little foxes to a plain t-shirt that little K already had. She and I are both ready for Spirit week at school in a few weeks. Of course it the meantime, I’ll be reliving my glory days at a pajama party at my friend’s house next weekend.

And now back to my regularly scheduled sewing. I’m working on an exciting custom project for a friend of mine. I’m just a few hours away from completion. I put pictures up on my business facebook page, but I will blog about it here when I’m all done.

Weekend Sewing

I sewed a few things for the kids this weekend. Last time I was at the fabric store, the kids were with me and of course, being my kids, they wanted fabric. I let them pick out some. Littlest K picked out the fox fabric from this previously blogged about top. Middle K, still in his wolf/dog stage, picked out some cute paw print fabric and requested a pillow case. That’s the deal, if I let them choose the fabric, they have to have something in mind to have made. We can’t have them buying fabric all willy nilly and stuff, that’s how you end up with stash problems. Oh wait.

I mentioned when I made Little K’s Shandiin Tank, that I bought some Star Wars fabric as well. She needed a nerdy but oh so cool top, and I had fallen in love with the one Sew Chibi made.


I think she had fun with our little photo shoot. PROPS! Props make all the difference.
IMG_3936 IMG_3924

I changed the pattern a bit and used a solid bottom with a buttoned top bodice. I actually used the back piece, but didn’t do the cut out part. I did not want to do all those button holes again. I really, really like how the two-toned front came out!

And of course, the back. Just as adorable this time as it was the first time I made this pattern. Don’t you just adore little K’s teeny little moley peeking out?

Middle K’s Pillow case. A super easy pattern, I learned from his sewing teacher in first grade.
There are no exposed seams! I’ve assisted in many kids sewing these, but I hadn’t sewn one myself. I really love how it looks so nice, even though a first grader could have sewn it. In class, they appliqued their name on the wide band. I am planning on making a few more of these when we redecorate the kids’ bedrooms in the fall. I might do something fun with the band.
I think he approves.

Finally, I made these little toothbrush cases for our trip to Gram’s trip postponed due to illness.
They will get use, just a week or so later than planned.

I found the pattern on one of my favorite pattern designer/blogger’s website. Noodlehead has the most amazing things. Her patterns are easy to follow. I love her use of fabrics.
IMG_3916 IMG_3915

I still have so many things on my summer sewing list! Good thing it’s only week two.