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Super Saturday

So, today, Saturday, usual day of laundry and groceries and house cleaning and errands and all that crap you don’t have time for during the week, was instead, slacker day. Which translates in to hang out with family day. Except, the hanging out part wasn’t everyone at the same time. Weird, yes. That’s life with teens and toddlers. The day started sad, but ended nice.  And after all was said and done, we did end up in the same room.

Started with trip to pediatrician with littlest. Another ear infection. Then to big K’s game.  This time I got to go alone and was able to focus on the game. The littles stayed home and played Legos and had daddy time, while big K and I had some time. JellyBean, the pooch, came along to the game as well. It was a good game. I was pleased to see friends and a former teacher there to help cheer her on.

The afternoon brought us into town to get some bins for organizing the plethora of Legos, which of course because we live in world’s crappiest shopping town, couldn’t find what we were looking for. So we went to Starbucks instead. We also picked up some kiddie sized Lacrosse sticks & wiffle balls (In hopes to keep them entertained at next weeks’ out of town game). Picked up dinner on the way home, but decided to take advantage of the last few minutes of daylight before eating & family movie time.

The little ones had a good time playing outside (finally nice enough).  Who knows, we may have more lacrosse players in our midst. My favorite time of day is getting the kiddies ready for bed and snuggling down with them while they relax and wander off to dreamland. Let’s hope that littlest’s medication works and she will rest tonight.

What seems like a boring ho hum day to an outsider, was really a much needed time out day for our family.  Life gets so busy and crazy sometimes.  We get so caught up that we forget to stop and play ball, even if only for a few minutes.  I sure hope the little ones will remember those times and not the mommy-daddy-cranky-times that seem to be more then not these days.

And tomorrow, if you need me, I’ll be left of center, under piles of laundry and stuff.