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Lego Room to Homeschool Room Makeover

It’s been a million years since I’ve blogged about anything. I’m hopping to change that, starting now! I’m going to put the cart before the horse here and spoil my announcement, by posting about our latest room makeover. The title says it all. We have decided to give homeschooling a try for this up-coming school year (2015-2016). That’s a whole different blog post. But for now, we needed a space to homeschool. We had to get a little creative since we didn’t have a spare room lying around, and we actually use our dining room six out of seven nights for dining.

Because I’ve been such a blog slacker, I don’t even have a post to refer to from our previous makeover of this room. It is supposed to be a breakfast room, to the best of my knowledge. It was really a selling point for the house (well, that and the workshop for Hubby). It’s located right off the kitchen and my studio. It was the perfect place for a playroom (read: LEGO room). I can keep an eye on those kids while I’m in the kitchen, or in my studio.

For Christmas break 2014, we painted and remodeled the playroom a bit. We like to work our arses off on breaks like that, because….Weekend Warriors, FTW! So needless to say Hubby was not too pleased when I said I was going to remodel it yet again a mere six months later. I needed to make it dual purpose for Lego/playing and homeschool. However, it did get that last bit of shelving we never completed last Christmas finished in the process. I’ll call that a win!

So a bit of back pictures, since I never did blog about it:
This was what it looked like when we moved in. Ugly paneling. Unfortunately the paneling was hiding some pretty awful walls, so we opted to keep it (for now) and paint the paneling.

And here is a “finished” shot of the room on Christmas eve. We still needed to hang shelves for the rest of the legos, but that needed to wait. I apologize for the crappy cell phone picture.

Fast forward to last week. Here is our new Lego-slash-Homeschool room:

Sorry about the pixelated puppies, lol. This was my first ever panaorama picture.

We moved the desks closer to the window for more natural light, plus added another table for more work space. The kids chose to paint one wall orange. We learned that the color orange stimulates the brain and stuff. They thought that was a great choice for their homeschool room. Plus, Middle K really likes orange. 😉 I think it was just what the room needed. I didn’t liked the paint when we finished back in December, but really didn’t know why. The orange adds a little funk and also some warmth. Just what it needed.

We finally got those shelves up to house the rest of the Legos. And, as Hubby pointed out…there’s room for more. Oi vey. I really hope someday they’ll be organized better than just random Legos in every box. And bonus puppy photobomb. Oh Banner, you’re so pretty.

IMG_4759 IMG_4753
Now the kids have a bigger table to work on Legos at, thanks to Hubby making me this table last January. They had really outgrown those smaller tables. It still baffles me the amount of time they actually do spend playing Legos. It’s been this way for YEARS. I could probably give away every other toy they own and they wouldn’t notice.

The Trofast (Ikea) shelves that will house our homeschool curriculum. I’ll have it better organized when our materials arrive. I’m not really sure how much space they’ll take.

I tidied up our “Command Center” on the back of the door. It will have our schedule, important things we need to see, a calendar, and the whole thing can be used as a dry erase board. Right now it has our Summer schedule and Chores list. Also, here is their little tv that they can stream Netflix on, or listen to Pandora. They really don’t need much more than that.
Here is another “Command Center” of sort made with Ikea Vaggis boards. This will be for the kids to display art and I think those bins I attached to the wall will be for finished school work, or something. We’ll see once we start. I’m sure there will be a little re-arranging until we find our groove. The kids came home from their last day of Master Builder Camp today and hung up their Camp pictures and lanyards.

Here is their work space. I love that it’s near the window so they can have natural light. I added some swag lights and task lights on each desk as well. Good lighting is important for little eyes.

Middle K’s area.
A Micke desk and drawer unit from Ikea and the Linnmon table top and Orange Adils legs, are (hopefully) enough work space for a ten year old.

Littlest K’s area.
She also has a Micke desk, but her drawers are Helmer. Both desk chairs are Snille Chairs, and the extra chair is just one that goes to the (now) Lego table.

We made these dry erase boards to keep near their desks to jot notes down. I left them each a little love note when I hung them up this after noon. It’s just a cheap Ikea frame and some scrapbook paper. I’ve seen it a million times on Pinterest.

Just about everything you see in this room that wasn’t built by Hubby, comes from Ikea, or handmedowns. It was not a really expensive transition. We’d been sort of collecting things for this room since we moved in. I’ll include an Ikea list at the end of the post.

I am very happy with all we have been able to do in this small space. We managed to keep the Legos together. We’ll have space for school materials, and even kept the love seat so they can watch tv in their down times. I love Ikea. Their modern color schemes makes it so easy to just throw a room together and have everything match. I’d like to claim I’m an amazing interior designer, but really, I just picked stuff that looked good together.

Ikea product list:
Trofast shelves (ours are the old style that they no longer make)
Trofast (TV unit)
Micke desk (ours are orange)
Micke drawers
Helmer drawers
Vaggis notice boards
Skojig (our is yellow, though. Maybe they don’t carry it anymore?)
Orange Joxtorp light shade
Green Joxtorp light shade
Navy Joxtorp light shade
Hemma light cords (swag lights)
Nyttja frames (little dry erase boards on their desks)
Tjena Magazine files

As far as Lego storage goes, we used one Trofast shelf, Hubby built the cabinet, and the hanging shelves are from Home Depot; Closet Maid Garage shelves with a sheet of plywood for the shelves. Most of the Lego bins are Really Useful Boxes from Office Depot. We collect a few whenever they go on BOGO. I’ll be happy when my eyes can only see the even shaped boxes.

I hoped you enjoyed our little show and tell. I’m going to make a point of posting more. We are very excited about our new endeavor. I think this is going to be a wonderful and organized homeschool year!

The Table of Love

It all started with a pile of wood and a picture:
Photo Credit

“Honey, you can do this. Right?” <-- famous last words in this house. I am very lucky to have such a handy guy around. Most of these picture have already been posted on Instagram, but I thought I'd make a post of the table's progress from a pile of construction lumber to a bonafide piece of heirloom furniture. 20150102_134226
He had a little help with the heavy lifting.

And here is a dining room, “before” picture:
Still an awesome table. I have loved every second of it being in our dining room for the last 15 years! It’s going to live in the playroom from now on. The kids were out growing their little tables in there. It was given to us from family friends of The Hubby’s family. It’s an original 1950’s table. The chairs were recovered when it was passed on to us. And are still in excellent condition. Once we get replacement chairs, they will join this table in the playroom.

Progress from wood pile to structure:

I decided to give the man a break and help with parts I could. This is the first time I’ve ever used stain. I’m not sure if I am a fan yet. I do however, like the end result, so the effort was worth it.
It gets better with the second coat

We added some personal touches:
20150118_155448 20150118_121411
And the man helped with the staining when the last of the table was sanded smooth as a baby’s butt.
Then he waxed it with in an inch of it’s life. It was an important step considering this is going to be our every day table and is about to see many years of abuse.
Coming in just over budget with a $135 total (not including the new belt sander we had to buy, or the can of paint for the wall because I got a bug up my booty and decided the new table needed new walls to match). Certainly much less than the Anthropologie table. Or even the Pier One table I saw locally for $900.

Aaaaand….Drumroll Please:

The best part about this picture is the craftiness that went in to each component.
The Man built the table (obviously), and the side table and the cat food table. He also built the two shelves above the side table.
My oldest daughter painted the one picture. The photograph is a photo I took in college of a local business and landmark of many years until the building was torn down a few years ago. I also sewed the curtains and *just* finished painting that wall today. I am so proud of the creativity in this room. I am looking forward to posting even more “finished” pictures very soon.

In the mean time, I ask you, is a room ever really “finished” being decorated?

End of Weekend #1

We are all feeling a little nutty at this point…
Heh, see what I did there?

#HobbyRoom2013 is in full swing. We accomplished all we had planned and then some. Our weekend goal was to get the framing up and windows roughed for inspection. While framing on Saturday, we had a visitor. Our good friend, Woody, came to check up on us. Then he made more work. We were still unsure what to do with an area of the carport that backs up to our living room, via an ugly and mostly unfunctional fireplace. I bet you can see where I’m going with this. Yep, we busted that sucker out. We will forever blame it on Woody, but the fact is, he was just the little push we needed. I think it’s going to be a great thing. Thanks, Woody! Plus, he came over on Sunday and made a mess, helped bust it out. It never really occurred to us what to do with it, just that is was kinda in the way in my hobby room and we were going to have to do some creative framing and stuff to get around it. With it gone, I gain a closet space and possibly a wall to relocate our TV to in the hobby room. (The jury is still out on the relocation of the TV to my hobby room. It then won’t be my hobby room, it will be the tv room, with my craft junk in it and it will have more traffic and hence won’t really be the fortress of solitude I was aiming for. On the other hand, the TV location now is also very inconvenient as it is RIGHT next to the World’s Loudest Air Conditioner Return Vent&#0153. We sometimes have to pause a movie or turn on subtitles to watch when the a/c runs).

Also, we live in Florida. We used the fireplace four times in our old house in eleven years, and never in this house. SO…..


Don’t worry folks. We have plans for the hole in our living room. A custom seating bench anyone? I will now have a closet in my hobby room. It will be a win-win once it’s complete.

As for the actual work done on the room this weekend.
End of day 1 (upper and lower joists and studs in place):

End of Day 2 (windows roughed out and room possibly ready for inspection):


There were also cute kid moments:

And it’s been an experience:
From the first board cut…

…to the last beer on Sunday evening.

Weekend Warriors rule!

movie geeks, we are

This past weekend, among all the birthday festivities, we went to see the Avengers movie that came out on Friday. We have been waiting with bated breath a long time for this movie to release. We even re-watched all the other super hero movies leading up to this one all last week.

Last week I found this blog post, and thought it’d be a great way to subtly show off our mad craft skillz when we go to the movie. I say “our” this time because it’s a project I can not do alone. I need my husband’s patience to cut out the stencils from the freezer paper. We totally can not take credit for the art as we pulled it directly from the blog. Why mess with something that is already great! Thank you I Am Momma for a wonderful blog post!

We’ve done freezer paper stencils before. We are always amazed at how magical the process is and how they come out looking so close to actual professional silk screening, it’s amazing.

The only down side to this particular project is that I didn’t get very nice photos to share. but here is the finished product and the best geeky family photo in a while:

The process was fun and mostly simple. The hardest part was that we had to make 5 of the same stencils since they can not be re used and we were making a shirt for each family member.
IMAG1145 IMAG1138

I’m not going to add a tutorial because there are a ton out there on the google.

Here are some close ups of the finished shirts:
IMG_3943 IMG_3944
and of course an action shot:

Hubby and I were actually the only ones who went to the movie wearing our shirts (nerdy couple alert). The littles obviously have to wait a few more years to see it and the teenager went with her boyfriend separately from us and I guess didn’t want to be all geeky fangirl in front of him.

PS the movie was awesome.

PPS the movie kicked @$$.

PPPS best movie I’ve seen in a long time. I love Joss Whedon.