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the one where I knit WilW a dice bag

As soon as my lovely friend Idyllicchick told me Wil Wheaton was planning on coming to Megacon this year, I’ve been ecstatic. I decided that since this was my one bucket list item (yeah, I know I’m a little introverted, and prefer just being home), I should do it up right. That’s just what we did. I signed up for the whole kit and kaboodle. You’ll read about my experience soon. In the mean time, I wanted to give him something when I met him.

WilW is a great guy online. That I knew. I’ve wanted to meet him since I was 13 years old, when he was in Stand By Me and Star Trek: The Next Generation. I’ve admired his work for years and I am inspired by his writing. I wanted to express this gratitude, so I knit him something. Knitting is my art and I wanted to share that with him, since he shares his art with the whole world. I knit him a dice bag to carry home the dice he would collect through out the convention from his other adoring fans.

The particular yarn I chose to knit the bag has a little story. My good friend, Lor, dyes yarn and makes amazing ceramics and soaps. Her uncle is a Science Fiction writer. Wil Is a fan of Mr. Haldeman. I found this out from an adorably cute story about when they met at a convention together, and went all fan-boy for the other one. Of course my friend tells the story so much better. I thought it would be really cool to be able to tell Wil that the yarn I used to hand knit the bag was hand dyed by the niece of one of his favorite writers. The Geek world is very small and very vast. It would be sort of like a six degrees of Wil kind of thing.

I’m still playing Nerd Wars, I need to fit it in to one of the challenges as well. This month there was a t-shirt challenge. Of course, I immediately worked out that I had yarn from HaldeCraft to match his “How We Roll” t-shirt. I set out to find the perfect pattern. That took 4 tries. Hey, it had to be perfect, it’s for Wil! I settled on a pattern, also written by my amazing friend Lor. Yes, I know it’s a sock pattern, but the stitches remain the same in any sense.

With out further adieu, the dice bag I knit for Wil Wheaton:

I was sad that I was unable to get pictures of me actually giving it to him, but I respect the reasons for not allowing pictures at the signing table.

Stay tuned for the actual Con-Post. I’m still collecting my thoughts.

It started one summer

I really enjoyed reading Wil Wheaton’s post the other day about childhood summers. It got me thinking about my own childhood summers and that turning point in my life.

One of my favorite summers actually includes him. Kinda sorta. 1986, the year Stand By Me came out. Wil Wheaton was in the movie. My best friend Emer and I saw it at least 11 times in the theater. Since it was rated -R we got notes from our parents (or maybe we just wrote them ourselves) gaining us admittance into the theater. I really don’t even think they cared. Really, what is so bad about the movie? Cussing – meh, I grew up in a french Canadian household, I’d heard it all. I’m sure by 13 years old I had used all the good ones correctly, anyway.

I can’t remember now if it was that summer or the following one, but through the magic of “Teen Beat” magazine we found out that Wil’s birthday was July 29. Pre internet this is how we got our scoop. It was all true, just like the internet of today. My friend Emer and I actually baked a cake and had our own Wil Wheaton birthday party. Emer and I spent so much time together that summer. We were so taken by not only Wil but also the whole film and acting genre. We used my stepfather’s video camera and made little movies, I can not for the life of me remember what they were about, I just have small snippets in my mind of filming small things on the ground at my step dad’s greenhouse business. I remember going to the 4th of July parade in my town that year, again with Emer and the rest of my extended family. The music in Stand By Me introduced us to a past generation of really cool tunes. I remember singing along in her room to not only the Stand By Me Soundtrack but also Beatles songs and Dion’s The Wander.

4th of July 1987

That summer is the defining moment when I became a geek. I wouldn’t know it or embrace it until adulthood, though. Through my fondness for Mr. Wheaton and Stand By Me, I learned he was going to be on a tv show and I’d get to see him every week. That little tv show opened up a whole new world for me. I started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation just to see Wil on it, but later realized I liked the show. I was taken by science fiction theme, and the idea that there was more out there then just us. It was then that I decided I was going to become an astronaut. Emer and I continued to follow Wil’s budding acting career and tried to imagine he was our friend right there with us. He mentioned in an interview he liked to do magic, after being in the TV movie, The Young Harry Houdini. Emer and I got in trouble at our Catholic Middle school for doing card tricks. We started the first ever (and maybe only) Young Astronauts club at Mater Christi Catholic School.

Young Astronauts Club

Then I moved away and lost track of Emer. I entered those akward High school years and not only was a new student in a new school, but also since our move from was from the north to the south I was in culture shock for most of my freshmen year (why the hell do they put sugar in their iced tea?). I continued to grow and secretly have passion for geeky things. I was not so forthcoming about my sci fi interest during my High school years. I was actually into my adult life when I finally realized what I was. It became so much easier after the internet was born to find out just what was out there. I found out about Wil again when I stumbled upon his blog and have been an avid follower since. He is an excellent writer and speaker. He seems like a really cool guy. I like what he stands for and what he is passionate about. He grew up to be just a regular dude and is living a decent life. He seems to be very committed to his family and his art. I later also reconnected with Emer through Facebook, and although we are worlds apart, I still feel a connection to her as one of the influential parts of my childhood.

I never had another summer like that one when I was 13. Jesus, does anyone?

Emer & me

this is such a horrible picture

Nerd Wars the 5th – Round 1

I was out of Nerd Wars for a while while I recovered from stuff and things. I was so happy to go back it for this tour. This is the 5th Nerd Wars tournament. I competed in the 1st & 2nd but missed the 3rd & 4th. Now I’m back and kinda kickin’ butt. I managed to finish the 6 challenges by June 20th (we have until the 28th of each month to complete). I was selected to be on the Team Hellmouth again, which is a team that represents all things Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel the Series. Because we all know I’m still, at 30-something years old, obsessed with Buffy.

There is the matter of a dissertation. I kinda picked a doozy this time. I proposed that I would knit a pair of socks for each member of my family (there are five of us), and then in turn relate the pair of socks back to a character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer either by the yarn, pattern or whatever. When I was debating whether I should attempt such a fate, or should I just do a sweater again (I did a sweater for both T1 & T2), a friend asked, do you think you can knit a sock in 9 days. Of course I can knit 1 measly sock in 9 days. And thanks to math, I had a goal for the next 3 months, I need to have a sock finished every 9 days. I am please to say that at this very second, I am on target and have 1 day to spare. I have completed 3 socks (1 pair, plus 1 from the second pair)
IMG_4417 IMG_4294
What have my kick ass knitting skillz done with the challenges this time?

Challenge #1: Challenge (Geek Pride): THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT
These socks were then given to my friend who is having a baby on October.

Challenge #2: Challenge (Technical): TIPS OF THE TRADE
The challenge this month is to craft something that shows off the best tip you ever learned about your craft. Then show an example of your tip or trick at work in a finished project.
Cableing without a cable needle.

Challenge #3: Challenge (Giving Geeks): NO MAN IS AN ISLAND
In honor of fathers and all men everywhere that we are challenging you this month to do something to make a positive difference in the life of a man or group of men. .
Sent two knit washcloths to Warmth for Warriors to fulfill this challenge. TEAM TIE-IN: I made one of the wash cloths with a sun on it to represent the town in which Buffy the Vampire Slayer takes place, Sunnydale.

Challenge #4: Challenge (Nerd Culture): GOOGLE DOODLE
TEAM TIE-IN: Occasionally on the series we see Giles drinking coffee instead of tea. It just doesn’t seem right to see Giles, a sophisticated fella like he is to be drinking coffee from a boring paper cup. I felt he needed a little savoire faire added to his cup while patroling for vamps. After the battle, when he is ready to settle down with a soothing cuppa tea, I’ve made him a tea wallet to carry some tea along with him.

Challenge #5: Challenge (Scientific): TRANSIT OF VENUS
On the 5/6 of June this year Venus transits the sun. To celebrate this very rare astronomical phenomenon, your challenge this month is to use your craft to represent planets and/or their movements through the solar system.

Hat knitted in a dark brown colorway with blues and grays speckled to represent the clouds of Venus’ atmosphere. TEAM TIE-IN: The hat would be worn by Riley while he was out on duty and in his full commando gear.

Challenge #6: Challenge (Intellectual): A MOST EXCELLENT ADVENTURE THROUGH HISTORY
Your challenge is to craft an item that represents an historical era, be it one you are interested in or one which inspires you.
Victorian era brandished much lace and elaborate decorating for both home and fashion.
TEAM TIE-IN: Drusilla, resident crazy vamp on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, was sired by Angelus in 1840s England. Before making her a vampire, he made her crazy. This gives Dru her unique personality.

I obviously put way too much thought and time in to these challenges, for a silly little game. To me it’s a lot of fun. I love seeing what my other teammates come up with. I enjoy chatting away in the team forum as well as checking what the other teams are up to. Its a wonderful outlet for my nerdery & love of knitting. Yes, I am a Buffy geek and I am no longer afraid to admit it in public. It’s nice to have other Buffy fans to chat with so as I don’t bore the heck out of my husband and friends going on about the development of each character on the show or how this happened on this episode, etc. Plus there is this:

Someday, I will write an essay about why I’m so drawn to the show. In the mean time I will continue to knit my way through the show.

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