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Milk and cookies

or more importantly, do not store oats on the top shelf of the cupboard.

Yesterday, I got the domestic bug up my butt to make “healthy” cookies to give the kids for breakfast on our way out the door (read: skip making breakfast in the morning and sleep 15 more minutes). Found a good recipe that uses whole ingredients and I concurred that they would be healthier then donuts anyway.

Gathering the ingredients, I reached up to pull the canister of oats off the top shelf, the lid falls off and the canister falls open side down directly into my shirt, lid still in my hands. Yes, I had 3/4 of a canister of oats in my bra (and yes it all fit too). I’m pretty sure this is one of those you-had-to-be-there-for-it-to-be-as-funny-to-you-as-it-was-to-me moments. I did text the hubbs and tell him, because a man could go all day with images of his wife’s bosom covered in oats(I do what I can).

What I’m not going to tell you is that some of the oats fell into the mixing bowl (out of my shirt). I did have a back up canister that now makes up 90% of the oats in the cookies. It’s my little secret, the kids are gobbling them up unaware. Not that they would care anyway…one still spends much time there and the other is still wishing he were spending time there.

scientific studies have confirmed…

…breastfed kids are boob obsessed. Years after being weaned from the breast, 5 y/o scientist hypothesizes: “Do Tic Tacs make breastmilk taste good?” He received no confirmation from his 2 y/o test subject, who only commented: “You’re my breast freimbds, mommy & brudder!”