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Nerd Wars the 5th – Round 1

I was out of Nerd Wars for a while while I recovered from stuff and things. I was so happy to go back it for this tour. This is the 5th Nerd Wars tournament. I competed in the 1st & 2nd but missed the 3rd & 4th. Now I’m back and kinda kickin’ butt. I managed to finish the 6 challenges by June 20th (we have until the 28th of each month to complete). I was selected to be on the Team Hellmouth again, which is a team that represents all things Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel the Series. Because we all know I’m still, at 30-something years old, obsessed with Buffy.

There is the matter of a dissertation. I kinda picked a doozy this time. I proposed that I would knit a pair of socks for each member of my family (there are five of us), and then in turn relate the pair of socks back to a character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer either by the yarn, pattern or whatever. When I was debating whether I should attempt such a fate, or should I just do a sweater again (I did a sweater for both T1 & T2), a friend asked, do you think you can knit a sock in 9 days. Of course I can knit 1 measly sock in 9 days. And thanks to math, I had a goal for the next 3 months, I need to have a sock finished every 9 days. I am please to say that at this very second, I am on target and have 1 day to spare. I have completed 3 socks (1 pair, plus 1 from the second pair)
IMG_4417 IMG_4294
What have my kick ass knitting skillz done with the challenges this time?

Challenge #1: Challenge (Geek Pride): THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT
These socks were then given to my friend who is having a baby on October.

Challenge #2: Challenge (Technical): TIPS OF THE TRADE
The challenge this month is to craft something that shows off the best tip you ever learned about your craft. Then show an example of your tip or trick at work in a finished project.
Cableing without a cable needle.

Challenge #3: Challenge (Giving Geeks): NO MAN IS AN ISLAND
In honor of fathers and all men everywhere that we are challenging you this month to do something to make a positive difference in the life of a man or group of men. .
Sent two knit washcloths to Warmth for Warriors to fulfill this challenge. TEAM TIE-IN: I made one of the wash cloths with a sun on it to represent the town in which Buffy the Vampire Slayer takes place, Sunnydale.

Challenge #4: Challenge (Nerd Culture): GOOGLE DOODLE
TEAM TIE-IN: Occasionally on the series we see Giles drinking coffee instead of tea. It just doesn’t seem right to see Giles, a sophisticated fella like he is to be drinking coffee from a boring paper cup. I felt he needed a little savoire faire added to his cup while patroling for vamps. After the battle, when he is ready to settle down with a soothing cuppa tea, I’ve made him a tea wallet to carry some tea along with him.

Challenge #5: Challenge (Scientific): TRANSIT OF VENUS
On the 5/6 of June this year Venus transits the sun. To celebrate this very rare astronomical phenomenon, your challenge this month is to use your craft to represent planets and/or their movements through the solar system.

Hat knitted in a dark brown colorway with blues and grays speckled to represent the clouds of Venus’ atmosphere. TEAM TIE-IN: The hat would be worn by Riley while he was out on duty and in his full commando gear.

Challenge #6: Challenge (Intellectual): A MOST EXCELLENT ADVENTURE THROUGH HISTORY
Your challenge is to craft an item that represents an historical era, be it one you are interested in or one which inspires you.
Victorian era brandished much lace and elaborate decorating for both home and fashion.
TEAM TIE-IN: Drusilla, resident crazy vamp on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, was sired by Angelus in 1840s England. Before making her a vampire, he made her crazy. This gives Dru her unique personality.

I obviously put way too much thought and time in to these challenges, for a silly little game. To me it’s a lot of fun. I love seeing what my other teammates come up with. I enjoy chatting away in the team forum as well as checking what the other teams are up to. Its a wonderful outlet for my nerdery & love of knitting. Yes, I am a Buffy geek and I am no longer afraid to admit it in public. It’s nice to have other Buffy fans to chat with so as I don’t bore the heck out of my husband and friends going on about the development of each character on the show or how this happened on this episode, etc. Plus there is this:

Someday, I will write an essay about why I’m so drawn to the show. In the mean time I will continue to knit my way through the show.

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grr argh-inesville

Our fearless Scoobies1 spent their summer holiday in sunny Gainesville, Florida. Gainesville, or “the ‘ville” as referred to by the locals, is home of University of Florida and the Fighting Gators, and honestly, not.much.else. College towns are like that. One could only wish this particular college town was located on a Hellmouth2.

The Scoobies did, however, detect a little demonic activity shortly after their arrival. It seems as though it was a Tripper Demon3 who was passing through the ‘ville spreading a little mischief along the way.

His first stop was a completely stealthy visit to the local quirky pizzeria, Satchel’s, where he managed to grab a slice and pick up a few tchotskies in the gift shop, including some postcards and a toy gator to bring to the little trippy demons back home. While there he learned that this pizza joint had a kitchen fire in February that was started by an Inferno-goblin who didn’t care for anchovies on his pizza. The restaurant had just re-opened after a 3 month rebuild. The Inferno-goblin was no longer in town so the tourist demon moved on to find evil elsewhere.

He managed to find a locally owned ice cream shop, where he thought the juiciest carnage would be. Plus, he was itching for some homemade ice cream. This is where the Scoobies first laid eyes on him. He was sampling the oddest flavors of ice cream including bean burrito and honey lavender caramel. He decided to get the Spicy Mayan Chocolate, as it reminded him of a chaos demon he’d been with in southern Mexico before he’d settled down with the current Mrs Tripper Demon and had a few demonlings of his own.

No trip to the ‘ville would be complete without a stop at the local ice cream haunt. Open late just for post demonic-ravage munchies.

The Scoobies had almost caught up with him at the ice cream shop but he finished his cone and slipped away just in time.

The next day of vacation started like any other day with a stop at the local bagel shop for some fresh coffee and a roll. The Bagel Bakery was owned by an Incubus(3) who had traveled all over Guatemala looking for the perfect coffee bean before bringing them home to the ‘ville and roasting them himself in this little shop.
He stopped for a little breakfast noshing before heading out to wreak havoc on the “ville”, demon style.

The Scoobies just missed him but heard he had headed to the museum, he had a taste for old musty things and small children.
A visit to the Natural History Museum, with all those school kids wandering about only left demon with a craving for more carnage.
He soon realized that it was summer break, for all the local kids were at the museum. While he saw it was a nice dark and cool place to hang, he soon remembered that small children gave him indigestion and sought out different accommodations. He did find some solace in the cave display at the museum.
It was dark and damp and many of the small children feared entering, therefore, it was a quiet place to rest a spell.
Fearing he would be too cultured when he returned home if he stayed much longer at the museum, he decided to check out the campus and see what it had to offer a middle age Tripper demon from the north.
The campus was less crowded, being summer break for all educational institutions in the area. He saw that the football field was being excavated and hoped they might dig up a buddy or two from long ago for him to hang with as he was getting a little lonely in the quiet little town.
He visited the stadium looking for washed up zombie football players who are looking for their cheerleader girlfriends.
Just as in Sunnydale, the campus yields much demonic activity. Realizing that reptilian demons were the wrong lot to hang out with, he longed for Mrs Tripper Demon and soon found his way back to the underground sewers for his voyage home.
Most of the creatures lurking on campus are just gators looking for an unsuspecting coed to nom.

The Scoobies never did catch up with the Tripper Demon on their little stop in sleepy Gainesville, but they did visit some nice local places and sampled yummy local foods and drink. They found some tea to bring home to Giles, and picked up some locally made soap and lip balm to soothe their dry lips and sunburned skin. Little did they know that the ‘ville was much sunnier than Sunnydale.

I wrote this for my Buffy knitting swap partner, this month’s theme was Summer Vacation Sunnydale Style. I hope it came out as cheesy and funny as it sounded in my head.

  1. The Scooby Gang, or “Scoobies”, are a group of characters in the cult television series and comic book Buffy the Vampire Slayer who battle the supernatural forces of evil. ~wikipedia []
  2. Hellmouth: Hellmouths are places of increased supernatural energy. According to the mythology of the “Buffyverse” ~wikipedia []
  3. not a real Buffy demon []

Final Nerd Wars Post

Can you believe it? I just finished my last Nerd Wars project. So finally, dear readers, you won’t have to listen to me babble on about Nerd Wars.

Here is the recap for Round 3:
Challenge (Giving Geeks): RESPECT YOUR ELDERS (ESPECIALLY THE LONELY ONES)Your challenge is to donate something that will bring a bit of comfort (and hopefully joy) to an older person or to a nursing home, assisted living home, similar facility or an organization local to you that accepts and distributes such items to the residents of such facilities. Feel free to be creative. The spirit of the challenge is to somehow bring a bit of comfort and/or joy to the life of an older person who may not have very much of either one of those things. I knit a pair of Fingerless mitts for this challenge.
Team spirit tie in: Drusilla is a Vampire on the show. I believe these mitts would be something she would wear. They have an old world-y looking cable and the color of the yarn is reminiscent of blood, the main premise behind a vampire’s world.

Challenge (Scientific): WAVES: Your challenge this month is to create something that incorporates waves, whether you play with them as a mathematical model or a natural phenomenon.

For this challenge I choose to mimic sound waves in the colors of my water bottle cover. (and incidently…water —> waves, he he he). Sound waves are produced in many shapes and forms, with different frequencies and volume.
Team Spirit tie in: One of my favorite parts of Buffy is the great music through out the show. They even created a band for the show called “Dingoes Ate my Baby”. Oz a member of the Scoobies for the middle seasons is the bass player for the band. I chose the colors for my water bottle cover from the band poster.

Challenge (Nerd Culture): KNOW YOUR ROOTS: This month, your challenge is to knit, crochet, or spin something that reminds you of the good old days of your fandom.

I made a mini replica of the “undone sweater” that is known among the internets from my original true geekcrush, Wil Wheaton. He is the spark that ignited my love for all things nerdy.
DSCF1462 wilsweater

(There is more on this story and there will someday be a post devoted to our pal WilW.

Challenge (Technical): GUILTY PLEASURES This challenge is to make a project that exhibits a technique that you feel is your guilty pleasure. It could be a technique that feels almost like “cheating” like using variegated yarn or mosaic knitting to replicate fair isle.

I love, love, love knitting socks two at a time. Its my favorite way to make socks. I can honestly say I do not have one single knitted sock looming in my knitting basket waiting for a mate.
DSCF1466 DSCF1483

The pattern was really fun to knit and of course the yarn was wonderful. I love getting to a new color when I use self striping yarn. and the sparkles, well they just make everything better. These socks were knit 2 at a time on one long cable needle. This way of knitting feels like cheating since you never have that 2nd sock slump. I also used self striping yarn which is a bonus guilty pleasure since there aren’t eleventy billion ends to weave in when they are finished. These socks are also for our Team Unity Project for round 3 as they are knit in the colors of the of Buffy’s High School (SDH).

Challenge (Team Spirit): NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION: It’s there when you need it. Or maybe it isn’t, and then you have to go a-questing to get it. Your challenge is to craft something inspired by a tool or invention from your nerdery.


I made a bag to hold Buffy’s stakes for when she is out patrolling. I used the cable pattern from Glenna C’s sock pattern called Staked. I chose the yarn because the colors reminds me of the colors of dusk and the dark of night. These are the times when you would find Buffy out patrolling for evil vampires, and when she would need a bag to hold her stakes.

Challenge (Intellectual): FINISHING THE RACE: Your challenge this month is to Finish those WIPs! This is my “WIP” (work in progress) that has been looming in my knitting bag for over a year! It’s finally finished and I’m very pleased about that.


And last but not least the Big Damn Dissertation project (the one that last all three months of the tournament) is also finished. I made a sweater from the show Angel (also from the Buffy/Joss ‘verse).


Its been great fun and our team has held its own by holding steady in second place for both Round 1 & 2. I think it would be great if we were to remain there or perhaps win after the Round 3 tallys come in. I’ve never been on a winning team and have never been very competitive. This little taste of maybe we could do it, pushed me to get all my projects done and encourage my teammates to keep going as well. Let’s go Team Hellmouth!!!

Nerd Wars T2 Round 2 update
Nerd Wars T2 Round 1 update

Nerd Wars Tournament 2 Round 2: Update

I haven’t been to good at the blogety blog this past month. I did not get round 2 of Nerd Wars finished as quickly as I did with round 1, but I did indeed finish. This makes me happy and proud. I am looking forward to round 3 (and also my final round for a while), and finishing my dissertation sweater as well.

1ST Challenge (Nerd Culture): BIG (NERD) LOVE: Your challenge for this month: switch teams! Well, not literally, of course, but you are tasked with making something representing a NerdWars team other than your own.
DSCF1300 DSCF1298
I made a Creeper Kindle cover for my husband, a Buffy Fan by default and avid gamer.
Team Spirit/Tie in: The Creeper is a demon of the Minecraft universe. He sneaks up on you and tries to blow you up, much like many of the demons in the Buffy/Angel ‘verse.

2ND Challenge (Giving Geeks) PUPPY LOVE: Your challenge is to do something for an animal to make that animal’s life better.
DSCF1301 DSCF1307

For this challenge I made an ice pack cover for our aging doggie, JellyBean who wishes she were still a wee pup. Team spirit tie-in: I used the intarsia method to knit the Buffy “B” logo on the ice pack cover. Our dog JellyBean often is called “Bean” which also starts with “B”.

3RD Challenge (Technical): ALTERNATE YARNALITY This round your mission is to seek out and find new materials to use as yarn. To boldly knit what no person was intended to knit before.The requirements are to weave, spin, knit or crochet an item made from sources not typically used in yarn.
DSCF1313 amararing

Team-spirit tie-in: I used 26 gauge wire to knit this Ring of Amara to look like the one in Buffy Season 4 and Angel Season 1. This ring gave Vampires more power and even allowed them to walk in sunlight, making them unbreakable. I did not like this medium for knitting. I think it turned out ugly and messy looking. (That is what I love about this tournament. It makes me try new stuff, whether I like it or not).

4TH Challenge (Intellectual): MYTHS, MYTHOS, MYTHOLOGY Your assignment this month is to craft something that illustrates or is inspired by a myth.
DSCF1328 akhilanda

I knit these socks for the challenge in the colors represented by the goddess Akhilandeshvari from Hindu mythology. “Ishvari” in Sanskrit means “goddess” or “female power,” and the “Akhilanda” means essentially “never not broken.” In other words, The Always Broken Goddess. In Buffy more often then not we see her and the gang torn apart mentally from many different aspects of life both personal and as a slayer. I am really inspired by this theory/myth/idea and have been trying to write a post about it. I just haven’t been able to wrap my brain around it enough to actually form words and paragraphs. I just really like the whole premise of it.

I knit them for my littlest daughter who is the goddess of tantrums and is always “never not broken”.

5TH Challenge (Scientific): SCIENTIFIC METHOD
Come up with a question and hypothesis for your craft, work it up and discover the results! Submissions for this challenge should follow a lab report type of format The link to my “lab report style” submission is here.

IMAG0072 DSCF1340

Basically I took an aspect of knitting I’ve never tried and attempted it. To throw a wrench in it I added in distraction in the form of a movie. The result was a nice little square that I will someday add to a crazy afghan I’ll make.

6TH Challenge (Team Spirit): IT’S FUN TO BE BAD Every story has one. They’re the folks that give your stories something to fight against. Sometimes you envy them because they get to do and say all the stuff you wish you could say. They’re mean, they’re self-centered, and we love to hate them. Yup, this challenge is all about the Villains! Your challenge is to create something for or reminiscent of a villain or bad guy (or gal!) in your nerdery.

DSCF1350 spike
Spike is the hottest big bad of them all. But he’s a vampire and probablly pretty chilly to the touch. Here is a cozy warm scarf for him in his favorite color, blood red.

So there we have my 6 projects in under 25 days. They are all little things and don’t really take up much time. Still fun to do and to think up ideas to tie them back into my team spirit and all that. I have had so much fun doing this. I am also ready to make some substantial knitted goods and things we need (like socks and scarves and sweaters for the up coming cold season). Therefore after the end of Round 3, I will not be continuing with Nerd Wars. I’ve had a blast, like I said, and will continue to “hang out” with the team online. But, I have a whole plan to make Fall 2011 the Season of Socks! Each (immediate) family member will get at least one pair, plus I have 2 patterns I’m itching to do for myself.