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More nature…what happended to m0mmacat?

Well, I couldn’t make a Little K garden with out letting Middle K make one too. We went with the “rock”et theme for him. And he couldn’t be more thrilled. Six is such a wonderful age. He really “got” it and was a big helper. We went, (just he and I) and picked out some rocks, and a couple plants (I’m still skeptical on planting…I know Mother Nature is laughing at me and is gonna send more cold weather). He really enjoyed the one on one time and so did I. He helped spread the rocks and dig the holes for the plants. I let him decide where things would go and I think he did a great job. We’ll wait a few more weeks and get some more plants for both the interactive kid gardens. We also want to find some interesting rocks to add as well.

So, I give you….The “Rock”et Garden:
Those teeny blotches in the back are Juniper plants and something called a blood leaf (I just liked that it had color and the boy liked that it didn’t have flowers). Daddy cut out the wooden rockets and the kids sanded and did the base coat. I did the finishing touches to the rockets (don’t laugh, painting is not my thing).
DSCF0771 DSCF0772 DSCF0773

We added some outdoor friendly toys to play with:
…and I have a happy boy:

Next up for the back yard clean up…..camouflaging that ugly a/c unit that is in all the garden pictures.

nature…get it off me!

I got my hands dirty today. yessireebob. that.never.happens. I like it outside, well enough, don’t get me wrong. I’m just not as crunchy as you all think I am. But, the weather has been glorious. After our Saturday family yard clean up (which besides the snake, I kinda enjoyed) I’ve wanted to spend more time out there and make it a place the kids will enjoy playing, beyond fighting over the eleventy bazillion sand box toys and whose swing is whose.

I’ve been perusing the webernetz looking at some Montessori type playgrounds, and gathering ideas. As it turns out, I am also on the committee at my son’s school to remodel their playground, so I’m a plethora of ideas right now. I had to see one of these ideas come to fruition, or my brain was going to explode. It has seriously been keeping me awake at night. Yes, these are the things that get stuck in my brain and I can’t sleep because of. That and “Mr. Roboto”…………..domo arigato.

So today, little K and I made our way to Home Depot (yes, us girls, with out any men). We bought a few plants and some moss. Then to Michael’s for some accessories.

and Voila…….a fairy garden:

It is still a work in progress, but little K enjoyed it and was rather perturbed when I said we had to go inside for rest time (shhhh, that really means nap).

I hope to add a bit more “garden” to the garden, now that I have the layout. The fairy homes are a might bit to snug for our particular breed of fairies, so they will have to be hacked, and also decorated. Little K added the pool for them. And invited their buggy friends over for a dip.

Here is a shot of the spot before and the items we got today:

I chose this spot in our yard for a couple reasons. Grass never grows there anyway, and its close to the patio so I can open the umbrella and provide shade to little K when she’s playing in her little garden.

I want to build a “boy” garden next to go along with the girly one. I’m considering a “rocket garden….now I’ll be up all night on that one.