lacking inspiration? or overflowing? It’s a fine line.

It’s been a long summer. Kids are almost ready to head back to school and I, back to work. I didn’t accomplish nearly as much as I had intended to this summer. Does any one ever?

Besides Nerd Wars and keeping the kids happy1 and the house mostly clean2 there wasn’t much time left over. I will call this summer a success in that I have succeeded in a few life maintenance things; running, and reading.

I’m working on getting fit. Or at least fit enough to out run a gaggle of Zombies3 . I’m not there yet, so please patient zero, don’t escape yet. I started out with just running/walking until I got too bored, ended up back at my house, or the dog was panting too much. I wasn’t planning on doing any regimen. Then the more I got into it, the more I felt like I needed a plan if I was going to get to the point where I could run more then walk. So yes, I fell on to the C25K bandwagon. I have fought running all my life. Avoided it like the plague. Thought it to be unnatural, all those body parts flapping and all the jiggling of my brain and such. And you have to do it outside? Clearly there should be a better way to get fit. But then I tried it. Still not believing it was for me. I hate exercise. I loathe it. It’s evil. But for some reason I’m ok with what I’m doing, so far.

The other part was well, running is free, right? No gym fees, dance cards, trainer bills. WRONG. At first I was like “ok, well I can just get a half way decent pair of sneakers that won’t kill my feet, but won’t cause my kids to starve”. I did find decent pair on sale of last season’s color. Who doesn’t love Strawberry Shortcake meets Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles colors? That’s all I need. NOT. My clothes, which I’ve been fighting with over a year now, are all too big. The things that did fit are not suitable (jeans or work clothes). So, off I went in search of running clothes. Holy moly those things are expensive. Designer running duds? Who knew. Anyway, I found some suitable not too expensive4 things at Target and Old Navy. Just don’t look at me if you see me running down 16th Ave at 7am. Maybe some day I’ll own some of those fancy ones I see the other moms wearing when they drop off their kids at school.

Reading. I didn’t realize I had missed you so much. I’ve never been a huge reader, but before kids (like before the 18 y/o) I did usually have a book going most of the time. Sometimes it would take me a while to get through it. Then I had kids. And more kids. The reading just fell away in search of more sleep. Now that I usually get a full nights sleep, I can sit in bed and read a few minutes (or an hour depending on the book) with out falling asleep 5 seconds after picking it up. I wish I could get into the nerdy Sci Fi books, but I have to say I’m more of a trashy novel geek5. I love me some silly vampire or werewolf fiction.

It is possible to become human again after kids.

Or mostly human.

  1. ok well at least fed and clothed []
  2. bwahahah []
  3. Not sure what a bunch of zombies is called. Heard? Cartel? ClusterF*ck? flock? []
  4. but still expensive []
  5. not 50 shades trashy []