Quilt stuffs

I took a little break from knitting a to make a quilt for Big K’s boyfriend. He’s a little bit country and Big K wanted to include some camo in it somewhere, but we both agreed we also wanted it to have some class.


She came with me to the fabric store and we picked out some decent and manly but not obnoxious camo-y fabrics. She knew he wanted it backed with something very soft like terry cloth or fleece. We went with the camo fleece to tie everything together.


I really like how the quilt came out. For me being such a girly girl, having to step outside my norm as far as colors and style went, I did ok. I wasn’t there when Big K’s boyfriend (we’ll call him New K, since he is a “K” name as well) opened the quilt, so I don’t know his initial reaction. I only hope he does like it and will enjoy it.

Planning out the colors pattern

I really like the strips

I also helped Middle K sew his own lap quilt this summer. He did it all him self, from picking out the colors and laying them out to sewing the squares and strips together. The only part I did was sew the front to the back, since it can be a little fiddly sometimes. He also decided to use fleece to back the quilt. The naturalist in me is screaming, “yuck poly, burn it, it’s gross!”, but I’ve come to the conclusion that backing the quilts in fleece make them soft & cuddly but also saves on adding batting, which in Florida is really fruitless.

Here is Middle K’s quilt he made himself:
and I made one for Littlest K so she wouldn’t feel left out:
Both are puppy themed:

IMAG1453 IMAG1455

So that’s our summer sewing. Now back to my regularly scheduled knitting.