grr argh-inesville

Our fearless Scoobies1 spent their summer holiday in sunny Gainesville, Florida. Gainesville, or “the ‘ville” as referred to by the locals, is home of University of Florida and the Fighting Gators, and honestly, not.much.else. College towns are like that. One could only wish this particular college town was located on a Hellmouth2.

The Scoobies did, however, detect a little demonic activity shortly after their arrival. It seems as though it was a Tripper Demon3 who was passing through the ‘ville spreading a little mischief along the way.

His first stop was a completely stealthy visit to the local quirky pizzeria, Satchel’s, where he managed to grab a slice and pick up a few tchotskies in the gift shop, including some postcards and a toy gator to bring to the little trippy demons back home. While there he learned that this pizza joint had a kitchen fire in February that was started by an Inferno-goblin who didn’t care for anchovies on his pizza. The restaurant had just re-opened after a 3 month rebuild. The Inferno-goblin was no longer in town so the tourist demon moved on to find evil elsewhere.

He managed to find a locally owned ice cream shop, where he thought the juiciest carnage would be. Plus, he was itching for some homemade ice cream. This is where the Scoobies first laid eyes on him. He was sampling the oddest flavors of ice cream including bean burrito and honey lavender caramel. He decided to get the Spicy Mayan Chocolate, as it reminded him of a chaos demon he’d been with in southern Mexico before he’d settled down with the current Mrs Tripper Demon and had a few demonlings of his own.

No trip to the ‘ville would be complete without a stop at the local ice cream haunt. Open late just for post demonic-ravage munchies.

The Scoobies had almost caught up with him at the ice cream shop but he finished his cone and slipped away just in time.

The next day of vacation started like any other day with a stop at the local bagel shop for some fresh coffee and a roll. The Bagel Bakery was owned by an Incubus(3) who had traveled all over Guatemala looking for the perfect coffee bean before bringing them home to the ‘ville and roasting them himself in this little shop.
He stopped for a little breakfast noshing before heading out to wreak havoc on the “ville”, demon style.

The Scoobies just missed him but heard he had headed to the museum, he had a taste for old musty things and small children.
A visit to the Natural History Museum, with all those school kids wandering about only left demon with a craving for more carnage.
He soon realized that it was summer break, for all the local kids were at the museum. While he saw it was a nice dark and cool place to hang, he soon remembered that small children gave him indigestion and sought out different accommodations. He did find some solace in the cave display at the museum.
It was dark and damp and many of the small children feared entering, therefore, it was a quiet place to rest a spell.
Fearing he would be too cultured when he returned home if he stayed much longer at the museum, he decided to check out the campus and see what it had to offer a middle age Tripper demon from the north.
The campus was less crowded, being summer break for all educational institutions in the area. He saw that the football field was being excavated and hoped they might dig up a buddy or two from long ago for him to hang with as he was getting a little lonely in the quiet little town.
He visited the stadium looking for washed up zombie football players who are looking for their cheerleader girlfriends.
Just as in Sunnydale, the campus yields much demonic activity. Realizing that reptilian demons were the wrong lot to hang out with, he longed for Mrs Tripper Demon and soon found his way back to the underground sewers for his voyage home.
Most of the creatures lurking on campus are just gators looking for an unsuspecting coed to nom.

The Scoobies never did catch up with the Tripper Demon on their little stop in sleepy Gainesville, but they did visit some nice local places and sampled yummy local foods and drink. They found some tea to bring home to Giles, and picked up some locally made soap and lip balm to soothe their dry lips and sunburned skin. Little did they know that the ‘ville was much sunnier than Sunnydale.

I wrote this for my Buffy knitting swap partner, this month’s theme was Summer Vacation Sunnydale Style. I hope it came out as cheesy and funny as it sounded in my head.

  1. The Scooby Gang, or “Scoobies”, are a group of characters in the cult television series and comic book Buffy the Vampire Slayer who battle the supernatural forces of evil. ~wikipedia []
  2. Hellmouth: Hellmouths are places of increased supernatural energy. According to the mythology of the “Buffyverse” ~wikipedia []
  3. not a real Buffy demon []