movie geeks, we are

This past weekend, among all the birthday festivities, we went to see the Avengers movie that came out on Friday. We have been waiting with bated breath a long time for this movie to release. We even re-watched all the other super hero movies leading up to this one all last week.

Last week I found this blog post, and thought it’d be a great way to subtly show off our mad craft skillz when we go to the movie. I say “our” this time because it’s a project I can not do alone. I need my husband’s patience to cut out the stencils from the freezer paper. We totally can not take credit for the art as we pulled it directly from the blog. Why mess with something that is already great! Thank you I Am Momma for a wonderful blog post!

We’ve done freezer paper stencils before. We are always amazed at how magical the process is and how they come out looking so close to actual professional silk screening, it’s amazing.

The only down side to this particular project is that I didn’t get very nice photos to share. but here is the finished product and the best geeky family photo in a while:

The process was fun and mostly simple. The hardest part was that we had to make 5 of the same stencils since they can not be re used and we were making a shirt for each family member.
IMAG1145 IMAG1138

I’m not going to add a tutorial because there are a ton out there on the google.

Here are some close ups of the finished shirts:
IMG_3943 IMG_3944
and of course an action shot:

Hubby and I were actually the only ones who went to the movie wearing our shirts (nerdy couple alert). The littles obviously have to wait a few more years to see it and the teenager went with her boyfriend separately from us and I guess didn’t want to be all geeky fangirl in front of him.

PS the movie was awesome.

PPS the movie kicked @$$.

PPPS best movie I’ve seen in a long time. I love Joss Whedon.