Daily Archives: April 24, 2012

moar baking

My attention span has gone on holiday and may not come back. I haven’t been able to focus on knitting or sewing projects that are even remotely more involved then a 3 row repeat or take longer then an hour to sew. Not sure what it is. I have a bazillion projects whizzing through my mind, I just don’t feel like doing any of them. But, at the same time I’m needing a creative outlet. oi vey my brain.
I have been really busy lately with working at the kids school and such. I’m finding that when I do have a little time, it’s not really long enough to drag out a more involved project. At night, when I usually do lots of knitting, I seem to be getting sleepy almost immediately after I sit down to start.

Today was one of those days where I had a little bit of unexpected time on my hands. I had planned on being at school all morning, but there was a scheduling snafu and I wasn’t needed. I thought I could do a little crafting instead. But, when I got home and walked past my KitchenAid, I decided that making cupcakes was a better idea.

I’ve been wanting to experiment with different ingredients and flavors. I made these without eggs (I hardly ever use eggs in baking), but I did use regular cow’s milk instead of my usual soy or almond. They came out a little fluffier this time, yet still moist. I’ve been wanting to try “hiding” things in the cupcakes and happened to have some perfect candies on hand (it’s amazing how much longer it takes for candy to disappear around here since I’ve lost weight and decreased my appetite). I started with my usual chocolate cake recipe then added either a mini Reese’s cup, a Rolo’s or a Hersey’s kiss in the center before I baked.
I do believe that they came out pretty yummy. I sampled one after I took this picture:
I’m still waiting for the masses to call in with their reviews, but so far I think this recipe may be a keeper. It’s a little fancier and more decadent then the usual cupcakes. Everyone could use a little more decadence in their lives anyway.

Plus, cupcakes make me happy.