Strawberry Strawberry Strawberry

and yet even more strawberries.
Took the littles strawberry picking today. Yes, it’s nature and yeah, I got some on me. I make such sacrifices for those little darlings.
It really wasn’t a horrible experience. I even had fun, snapping shots of the kids and the berries. They got some fresh air and hopefully used up a little of that stuck-home-over-spring-break energy. When their buckets were just over 1/2 full, I asked them to stop picking and start heading back. But, they kept finding just one more super extraordinary berry that had to go in their buckets. By the time we made it to the weigh counter, we had 8.7 pounds of berries. hrmp.
What do you do with that many berries when you don’t make jam? First off, you make the children who wouldn’t stop picking help clean and chop up said berries…
…and if they are good you allow a few to pop in their mouths.
Then if you are me, you bake. That’s what I do. That’s all I know.
Vegan Strawberry Whoopie pies with Nutella Frosting (not vegan)
Strawberries are so pretty.