The one where I let out a sigh of relief

Remember back in March when I closed my business and was unsure of my next step? I was worried how I’d cover Little K’s tuition and still manage to stay sane. and how was I going to get a job and take care of everyone. and only having one vehicle how was I going to get everyone ready and fed and where they needed to be on time. all while managing an out of the house job? The world is really magical sometimes and the pieces have fallen into place more perfectly then I could even have imagined.

I knew when little K started preschool this August I’d need to find a job of some sort to cover her tuition. I just didn’t know what I wanted to do. I DO know that my nursing career is over and going back was just not an option, unless it also came with a one way ticket to the loony bin, because surely if I had to go back that’s where I’d end up. I mulled in my mind what my options were. Really it boiled down to something that had the same hours as the kids are in school and needs to be flexible and understanding that my family will come first. I put a few feelers out and mentioned to the kids’ school that I was looking for something for August when Little K started. Being a parent for over 17 years and a parent at a Montessori school for 12 1/2 years so far I am familiar with the ins and outs of it. I also considered some easy retail store or something where I can just put my time in and go home and focus my attention on my family and creativity at home.

This weekend it all fell into place. We were hanging out at the kids’ school (Hubbs does all their computer and networking for them on weekends and evenings). The school Administrator asked if I had any plans yet for fall and would I be interested in working there? Why yes! What could be better? I’ll be able to work the same hours the kids are in school and still have opportunity to be creative on some level and have the satisfaction that I am making a difference. Also, I will be saving on gas as there will be one stop for work and school.

The position is part time (which is best for me, as I really wanted a day home to get the housework and errands and shopping all done so I didn’t have to do it on the weekends and take away from family/Hubby time). I’ll work one day permanently in the kindergarten class and then I will be a sub the other days as needed in whatever class needs me.

I am so relieved and even a little excited.