This Week’s Crafty Craft: Plants Vs Zombies, The Board Game!


This week has been Plants vs Zombie week in our house. Between my new phone (that now is big enough to play it on) and getting the game on our mini computer for the kids to play, its been a constant theme. However, in an effort to have less screen time as opposed to more, middle K and I came up with a board game version. Mind you these rules were made up in combination of a 6 year old imagination and a mommy trying to make it so the 3 year old can play along too. The Plants are a bit more complicated then the Zombies are (as is true anyway).
The object of the game if you are the Plants is to plant a whole row before the Zombie gets to your side of the board. If you are the Zombies you try to make it across the board to the plants side of the board.

How we put the game together

First we printed out cards from these clip art images found by googling.

We purchased a “Bag o Zombies” at our local comic book/game store. We are using yellow/gold craft gems for the “sun tokens” and large clear craft gems for the gravestones.
We decided which or our eleventy zillion dice would work for the game. We decided on a yellow D4 and a green D6 for the Plants to roll. The Zombies get the marble-y – blood-y like ones a gray D6 and a red D10. Then we made a list of what happens when you roll. I had to make cheat sheets to keep it all straight. And that’s basically it, roll the dice and follow the plan.

With my limited skills I was able to make a pdf out of my directions:
Plants vs Zombies Directions