Sew what!

So I did it. I pulled out the machine (thanks Kim!) and tinkered a bit with fabric. What I learned? I still hate sewing, but love the results & sergers should die in a fire. I think I burned myself out with Nerd Wars super speed knitting marathon these past couple months. Yes, I know there is still one more month of Nerd Wars and I am still working on finishing my dissertation. I also love the challenges for this month, but I just really needed a break. THAT said, I pulled out the sewing machine and made a few things for the kids.
basketball sleep shorts and a mermaid sun dress
mermaid and spaceship sleep shorts and show me your silly faces

Then I was looking on the interwebz to see what I could see for boys fun stuff. Ya know ‘cuz the girls always get the fun princess and fairy dress up stuff. I found a cool bandolier that a mom had made for her son. She made it for matchbox cars and snacks. I thought about our new Nerf love (both little boy and big boy) and went to town:
I also decided to make a Han Solo inspired vest (I know his didn’t have pockets and wasn’t quite this color, but I let the boy pick out the color and dude, you can’t go wrong with pockets).
also whipped up a man-sized bandolier, let the nerf-war-zombie-apocalypse-training-begin
you can never have too many pockets
DSCF0906 DSCF0905 DSCF0907

Plans: I have a few other ideas up my sleevies. Freezer paper stencils and parachute men just to name a few. Stay tuned.

Loving my little bit ‘o extra time.

and now back to my regularly scheduled knitting.