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march 28: a tale of two yarns 2kcbwday1

Day One: 28th March. A Tale of Two Yarns.
Part of any fibre enthusiast’s hobby is an appreciation of yarn. Choose two yarns that you have either used, are in your stash or which you yearn after and capture what it is you love or loathe about them.

Tips: It is a good idea, if possible, to choose a yarn that you adore and a yarn that just didn’t work for you. You do not need to be critical of any yarn if you do not feel comfortable in doing so, but perhaps you came to realise that one yarn wasn’t suitable for a particular project, if possible you could blog about what you have come to learn about choosing the right yarn, or your love of experimenting with fibres.

I’m a fiber snob. I learned from the best (I’m talkin’ to you Haldechick and Idyllicchick). As I’ve mentioned previously, my most favoritest yarn is mmmmmMalabrigo. I know that sounds like a cop-out, since its probably everyone’s favorite (errr, maybe not?). I can’t think of anything that shouldn’t be knit with it. My first project when relearning to knit was with Malabrigo. A pair of pink legwarmers for little K. My cousin was passing through town and spent the night with us, she showed me knitting in the round and its been downhill from there. My first “real” knitting project, a wool diaper soaker was also knit in Malabrigo (ok, ya know what? I think the first year I was knitting, I only used it).

I almost forgot how little she was - Dusty Olive colorway

Why? Malabrigo is so soft, yet strong. It was perfect for diaper soakers because it is so soft near baby & the “wet zone” gets a little felted with friction and it becomes nice and leak proof. I’m not kitting diaper soakers anymore and I still love it for all the things I knit. It’s great for sweaters/hats/mitts. I’m not sure how warm it is, but I do know that living in North Florida, I can say it’s just the right weight for our coldest mornings. Did I mention it’s really soft? As in soft enough to put near your face and neck:

Eternity scarf - in Polar Morn colorway

Mostly, I love how it feels when I’m knitting with it. I love to knit with it. I love to have the fiber in my hands and see the variations in colors and smell (really, though I think the smell thing came from my favorite yarn store). Its such a pleasure to knit with, I think my projects get finished even faster when I use it.

I’d have to say my next favorite yarn is from a local indy dyer who is quickly becoming a household name: String Theory Colorworks I love the bold-sharp-crazy-wild-fun colors she uses. The names are nerdy and cool too! I’ve only used three of the types of yarn they dye (Continum: sock weight, Photon: oooh look sparkles, and Momentum: a DK weight). Oh yeah and its self striping. How fun is that?
DSCF0159 DSCF0780 DSCF0747

what yarn will you never see me post about? duh: acrylic.

I love my natural fibers and soft textures and bright fun colors.

Yarn is cool.


i am me

This weekend was busy-fun-tiring-crazy-educational-stressful-silly

It started with Friday being the first day of spring break for the middle and big kiddies. I love that our local ice cream joint is so inviting (and also yummy) that we can go there and hang out for a bit. We got to have an impromptu Team Browncoat meet up with my local team mates and our team captain in from out of state. The kids had fun playing with their new friend and I had a chance to chat some. I think I may have even knitted a stitch or two amongst all that.

Saturday we had friends coming over to celebrate a couple of out of town friends coming “home” for a visit. The day was spent getting ready for the party. It also involved a little playing dress up and Nerf shooters with the littles.

We had a great time at the party, met some new friends and got to catch up with old friends. Of course no evening would be complete in this circle without a game of Settlers of Catan.

I am so pleased that my friends came over and that we were able to fit 20+ people in our dinky living room. also…I hosted a party for grown-ups dressed like a fairy.

Sunday began with me learning how to mow the lawn. The hub’s shoulder is still bothering him from a minor car accident he was in a few weeks ago and it seems like every time it’s almost better, he does something and he gets set back again. So I figured I had to learn at some point in my life anyway and we’d better get it done before the nosy old people property owner’s ASSn send us a disturbing letter. I popped my lawn mowing cherry. I feel a little more empowered. However, its not really all that much fun either.

The weekend ended with a walk/ride around the hood

Tomorrow, I blog about yarn (Something new for me). No really, tomorrow begins:

for reals blog posts?

Ok , so you may have noticed that little pink box over there ——>
or here:

I am going to try my best to participate in Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2011
Ya know, because I don’t have enough knitting in my life as it is.

I’m kinda excited about this. I want to blog, but never can seem to find anything to blog about (am I really that dull?). Someone telling me what to blog about will be a nice reprieve (yet, I hated that in school, go figure). I’ll have to actually organize my thought and such. But being about knitting, it should be easy for me to find enough words.

There will be special tags each day if you want to search for others blogging along with this event.

So stay tuned.

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