Nerd Wars Round 2: Second Challenge, Leafy Mitts

Picture composed and taken by the boy. He’s 6. Not too bad.

For my second challenge of round two I was to make something showing capillary action. Capillary action is responsible for moving groundwater from wet areas of the soil to dry areas, creating that pesky meniscus when measuring liquids for cooking or science projects, and what Bounty tries to maximize to be the quicker picker upper. It is the ability of liquid to flow against gravity. It is one of the qualities that makes water a unique compound. In this challenge, you must find inspiration in capillary action. Whether it is from capillary action in nature, kitchen, or otherwise. An interesting example of capillary action is Frost Flowers.
DSCF0826 DSCF0828
I had seen this pattern a while ago and filed it in the back of my mind as something to do. I think the leaves climbing up the wrist show capillary/gravity defying action and hence satisfy the challenge at hand. I also chose this particular pattern to tie back in to my Team (Browncoats). The famous last words of Serenity’s pilot, (and my favorite character – but you knew that, since you’ve been following along) Wash from Firefly. “I’m a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar!” Poor Wash.

It’s still a bit chilly in the morning’s I might get to wear them once. Otherwise, I am happy to say I won’t need to wear these soft hand warmers for about 7-8 months as the weather has finally warmed up nicely.

The yarn. Ooh how I love this yarn. It is the first yarn I ever knitted on (ok well technically I knitted on some acrylic stuff back when I was 10 and first learned). When I restarted knitting a few years ago, my first project was a diaper cover made out of Malabrigo (affectionately named #mmmmmmalabrigo). I can’t wait to snuggle up to these warm mitts next winter.