Nerd Wars Dissertation: Ms. “Washburne”

I’m m0mmacat. I belong to Team Browncoat for Ravelry’s Nerd Wars
Submitting for consideration in the Team Spirit category: Ms. “Washburne”

I would like to propose to knit a sweater of my own design (roughly using the percentages idea), using the inspiration from the original men’s sized Wash’s sweater. Wash is a character in the short lived series Firefly. He wore this beautiful sweater in two episodes of the show. I plan to use the cable chart from Washburne, and make the sweater a bit more “girly”. I am going to knit it in a rich brownish-purple color to reflect Browncoat. My idea is that is would be a sweater the Wash’s wife Zoe, would have worn.

Here is my preliminary sketch & Swatchy-swatch:

Knitpicks Swish Worsted in Lava Heather

“I am a leaf on the wind – watch how I soar!”

I am using #6 needles and getting a gauge of about 5.5 sts/in. and 7.7 rows/in. I anticipate it to take 3 months because of the intricacy of the cables, the size of the project, and the fact that I am designing it as I go along.