I have the greatest friends



Was made especially for me.

My friend Lor over at HaldeCraft knows a thing or two about the quirky. She knows I’m all about that. Ever since I read this from the Bloggess (which incidentally, still makes me laugh so much, I pee when I read it, and I’ve read it like eleventy billion times), I have wanted a Giant. Metal, Chicken. of my very own.

I think it/she would make the front yard of our Post-modern blah home, amazing! She could sit right next to my plastic pink flamingos, and greet all my awesome friends as they walk up our sidewalk when they come visit to do nerdy things like knit and play board games and drink stuff.

Someday, I will have a Giant. Metal. Chicken. Mine will probably be named Roxanne or something, because the Bloggess’ chicken is named Beyonce, and the world can’t handle two Beyonces. But until then, I can look at this amazing Teeny. Ceramic. Chicken. made with so much love, just for me, that my cold black heart skipped a beat. I love that my friends get me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Lor. You are the greatest.

Knock, Knock, Motherfucker!

Hobby Room Deco – Phase Two – Storage

I’m not even going to tell you how I’ve managed these few months since I moved into the hobby room. Lots of bin shuffling, head scratching, and “Where did I put that thing I need again?” Now I have everything in it’s place, and a place for everything, mostly.

Our mini vacation last weekend included the long anticipated Ikea trip. Now, Hobby Room is 95% complete. 1% for flooring, and 4%, because is room decoration ever “complete”?

I know you’ve seen this picture a million times…but now with autograph!

Here is the BIG picture. My creative space. Lovingly built for me by the awesome man.

Fabric storage!

WIP’s hidden behind a door to keep things away from destructo-puppy looking tidy,

Serger, not used as much as regular machine, so it’s gets tucked away and off my work surface.

More room views:
Sewing area.

Nice work “triangle” from the work table to the ironing board to the sewing machine.

Chotchkies: Eiffel Tower Figurine & drawing by 9 y/o, some of my favorite books, and yes, that’s a framed Tiffany & Co. box.


It still needs a few knick-knacky things, maybe some more art on the walls. And more Sparkly things. I really need more sparkle in here. There is another piece of slatwall that will get hung up behind the sewing machine. I’d also like to get one more small Ikea Expedit for the kids art stuff. I want them to be able to come in here when I’m in here and feel welcome and have stuff that’s theirs. I’ve temporarily stored it in a couple of the bins…But I could always use more fabric storage. :0

So, is it girly enough for you?

For any n00Bs. My Hobby room built for me by my husband has been about a year-long project. He transformed our carport into a kick@$$ room for me.
Here are the befores and afters:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Wrapping Up Spring Break

With some of my favorite people! Notice I didn’t say Spring Break Wrap up…I still have Megacon to blog about. But for now, here are some pictures from our trip to the Wolf to Woof exhibit at our local Museum of Natural History. And of course besties, and babies, and toddlers, and pretweens.

Can you hear like a wolf?

Oh that face melts my heart.

Always learning. Taking notes at the Grey Wolf spot.

He’s such a sweet boy. Growing so fast.

And of course no trip to the museum would be complete with out TUTUS!!!
Watch out world!

There was no better way I would have wanted to spend the last weekday of Spring Break than I did. And I didn’t even mention the cupcakes.